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Flip Jump

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Flip Jump:

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to start from a standing position and skate forward, perform an inside mohawk, and execute a full revolution flip jump from the back inside take-off.

The skater must demonstrate the ability to transfer their weight to the landing foot while while in the air to achieve controlled body and free leg positions upon landing.

  • Speed into Jump
  • Take-off Control
  • Height of Jump
  • Completion of Rotation
  • Landing Control
  • Speed Exiting Jump
  • Form and Style
  • An ability to sustain an inside edge into the mohawk should be observed.
  • Smooth transitions from one foot to another in the mohawk requires changing weight while in a plié position (both knees are bent).
  • Upper body position must not break forward at the waist.
  • Head should not look down while tap foot is being inserted into ice.
  • Hands should be at waist level with shoulders level. The free arm should stretch back matching the extension of the tap foot.
  • The change of positions of the free leg and arms should not disturb the arc of the tracing while performing the mohawk.
  • No pre rotation of the upper body should occur prior to tapping.
  • The full rotation should be completed in the air prior to landing.
  • The exit of the jump should be held on a sustained back outside edge with a strong checked position.
  • The speed of the jump exit should not diminish from the take-off speed.

  • Review forward stroking
  • Review inside mohawks.
  • Review half flip jump. 
  • Introduce the concept of a full rotation in the air, landing on the back outside edge of the tap foot.

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