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General Fitness Training

General fitness
       The goal of general fitness training is to work to achieve broad goals of overall health and well- being, rather than narrow goals of sport competition, larger muscles or concerns about winning.

Fitness training balances five elements of good health. Make sure to include
aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, stretching, core exercise and balance training.

By Mayo Clinic staff

       The individual who is taking their first steps toward fitness and a competitive athlete, each desire to optimize their results. Both require a well rounded fitness training program that include the five basic elements to create a balanced routine. 

       Elements of a well round fitness programs include:
  • Aerobic exercise a cardio or endurance activity forms the cornerstone of most fitness training programs. Aerobic exercise causes you to breathe faster and more deeply, which maximizes the amount of oxygen in your blood.

  • Strength training helps to increase bone strength and muscular fitness. It can also help you maintain muscle mass during a weight-loss program.

  • Core Muscles The muscles in the abdomen, lower back and pelvis help to protect your back from lifting injuries and connect upper and lower body movements. Core strength is a key element of a well rounded fitness training program.

  • Balance Training Everyone - young children to retirees should include exercises to maintain or improve their balance. Balance tends to especially deteriorate as part of the aging process unless a proactive exercise program is included in the fitness training.

  • Stretching and Flexibility The ability to touch your toes with your knees straight is a demonstration of flexibility  that is an important part of activities, such as ballroom dancing, yoga, etc. Stretching exercises are effective in increasing flexibility, and thereby can allow people to easily do activities that require a wide range of motion of joints and promotes better posture.

Everyone - Competitive Athletes and Recreational Sports Participants Should be Fit 
      Sports fitness training plans point the way to achieving peak performance. A sports training program goes well beyond a  basic program to achieve fitness. A strategically designed, sport specific training program utilities testing to evacuate progress and refine exercises to enhance results.
Refer to Principles of Sports Training and Sports Training
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associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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