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      Anyone who desires to become an elite competitive athlete in any sport must be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. There should be a goal for society to promote an urgent need for everyone to maintain a minimum standard of fitness if there is a serious desire to drastically reduce obesity and medically related health care costs.

      Sadly the funding to provide publicly funded  physical fitness classes and activities, in elementary, middle, and high school, is at an all time low and is unlikely to improve due to the national recession and debt that seriously needs to be brought under control.

      Figure skaters are exceptional athletes. Many attribute this to the increase of indoor artificial ice rinks that operate year round (12 months), As a result, figure skating and recreational (ISI) activities now are training and competing on a year round basis instead of just being a winter sport.

      Even ice hockey and speed skating start their season earlier and continue longer than when these sports depended on out door natural ice that were subject to seasonal temperatures, plus wind,  rain, and snow storms.

      The intense competitive training of figure skating is necessary in order to accomplish the athlete's desire win by performing multi-revolution jumps and other physically difficult elements in an artistic performance to music..

      The emphasis of achieving difficult levels in spins and step/spiral sequences, complicated pair lifts and spins, difficult international compulsory dances and free dance programs, and increasing complexity of Synchronized Team Skating programs adds to the need to take preventive steps to reduce the possibility of associated sports injuries and mental fatigue.

Fitness can be pursued in low cost group classes
       Park and Recreational Department and local YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs frequently offer a wide assortment of classes for individuals of all age groups. Most communities also have businesses that offer various dance/fitness classes.

       There are many self help video's sold that include exercises to music lead by a fitness/dance instructor that can be performed at home without expensive set of exercise equipment.

A fitness program can help
prevent injuries and training burnout
      The following articles discuss efforts to prevent injuries and athlete "burnout":
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