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Figure Eights
      The MITF Curriculum was designed to provide skaters with the same skills that were previously acquired by skating figures, but without the hours of practice required to skate three closely traced prints on clean ice and without the aid of a scribe or assistance from hockey or patch lines.

      The geometry that was a basic part of figures does not seem to part of teaching the MITF. We are facing a new generation of skaters who are becoming coaches without any experience or understanding of the principles and concepts of skating turns and loops on 2 and 3 loop circles.

      Most PSA coaches and USFSA judges agree that MITF tests are failing to develop skaters with the ability to perform curves and turns equally well on either foot, outside and inside edges, in both forward and backward directions.  However, there are some individuals in the figure skating community who hold the opinion that the MITF tests are NOT relevant to developing good free skaters. This view is not generally shared by coaches who skated and taught figures.

      Besides the obvious problem of the cost of lessons and ice time, a major problem is that parents do not understand the need to spend the time to develop skaters with the essential edge and turn controls derived from school figures. Parents and skaters usually come to realize too late that jumps and spins are based upon the skater's ability to balance over the blade and provide the controlled body positions in all disciplines of figure skating: free skating, pair, or free dancing.

      The goal of the figure workshops is to provide the geometric skating concepts that can be acquired without closely tracing the edges on clean ice.  The workshop lesson plans are currently under development.

Level 1   
    Forward Outside 1/2 circles
    Forward Inside 1/2 circles
    Forward Outside 8
    Forward Inside 8
Level 6   
    Forward Outside Counter
    Forward Inside Counter
    Back Inside Bracket
    Back Outside Bracket
Level 2 
    Forward OI Serpentine
    Forward IO Serpentine
    Waltz 8
    Back Outside 1/2 circles
Level 7   
    Forward Outside loops
    Back Outside Counter
    Back Inside Counter
    Back Outside Serpentine db 3's
    Back Inside Serpentine db 3's
Level 3 
    Back Inside 1/2 circles
    Threes to center
    Back Outside 8
    Back Inside 8
Level 8
    Forward Inside loops    
    Forward Outside Rocker
    Forward Inside Rocker
    Paragraph 8, Forward Outside
    Paragraph 8, Forward Inside
Level 4   
    Back OI Serpentine 
    Back IO Serpentine
    Forward OI Serpentine 3
    Forward IO Serpentine 3
Level 9  
    Back Outside Loops
    Paragraph 8, Back Outside
    Paragraph 8, Back Inside
    Forward Outside Paragraph db 3's
    Forward Inside Paragraph db 3's
Level 5   
    Forward Outside Bracket
    Forward Inside Bracket
Back OI Serpentine 3
    Back IO Serpentine 3
Level 10
Back Inside Loops
    Back Outside Paragraph db 3's
    Back Inside Paragraph db 3's
    Back Outside Rocker
    Back Inside Rocker

The above topics are suggestions for Figure elements is based on the progressive skill structure
of figure skating tests. Coaches are encouraged to make modifications that will specifically target your prospective target audience.

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