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Figure Workshop Lesson Plans

    Figures, or school figures, refer to circular patterns which skaters trace on the ice to demonstrate skill in placing clean turns evenly on round circles. These circles are skated using one foot at a time, as a skater masters balance, control, flow and edge to achieve clean and accurate tracings.

     The goal of these workshops is to demonstrate the turns performed on two and three lobe circles that are the basic foundation of the Compulsory School Figures tests that previously required to be passed prior to taking the Free Skating tests to qualify skaters to enter competition events.

Figure Workshops
Figure Tests
Level 1   
    Forward Outside 1/2 circles
    Forward Inside 1/2 circles
    Forward Outside 8
    Forward Inside 8
Level 2 
    Forward OI Serpentine
    Forward IO Serpentine
    Waltz 8
    Back Outside 1/2 circles
Level 3 
    Back Inside 1/2 circles
    Threes to center
    Back Outside 8
    Back Inside 8
Level 4   
    Back OI Serpentine
    Back IO Serpentine
    Forward OI Serpentine 3
    Forward IO Serpentine 3
Level 5   
    Forward Outside Bracket
    Forward Inside Bracket
    Back OI Serpentine 3
    Back IO Serpentine 3
Level 6   
    Forward Outside Counter
    Forward Inside Counter
    Back Inside Bracket
    Back Outside Bracket

Level 7   
    Forward Outside loops
    Back Outside Counter
    Back Inside Counter
    Back Outside Serpentine db 3's
    Back Inside Serpentine db 3's
Level 8
    Forward Inside loops    
    Forward Outside Rocker
    Forward Inside Rocker
    Paragraph 8, Forward Outside
    Paragraph 8, Forward Inside

Level 9  
    Back Outside Loops
    Paragraph 8, Back Outside
    Paragraph 8, Back Inside
    Forward Outside Paragraph db 3's
    Forward Inside Paragraph db 3's

Level 10
    Back Inside Loops
    Back Outside Paragraph db 3's
    Back Inside Paragraph db 3's
    Back Outside Rocker
    Back Inside Rocker

Recommended Reading:

Compulsory figures The simplest figure, the circle eight, consists of a circle skated on an edge on one foot tangent to another circle.

History of figure skating The history of figure skating stretches back to prehistoric times, when archaeological evidence of the activity has been found. Figure skating is one branch of ice skating.

The History Of Figure Skating Read about the history of figure skating to see how ice skating transformed from a means of transportation to an Olympic event that has captured audiences around the world.

1984 Winter Olympics 1984 Winter Olympics - Men's Figure Skating Compulsory Figures.

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