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    The goal of this articles is to provide a brief summary of what a club does for its members. For example:
  • Conduct test sessions
  • Organize an "Open Competition" and various levels of qualifying championships
  • Sponsor exhibitions, shows, carnivals
  • Fund raising events, raffle, sales of used skating equipment, costumes, etc.
  • Organizing a Basic Ice Skating Skills Program
  • Synchronized Skating Teams
  • Theater on Ice Teams
Club Education Seminars - Welcome to US Figure Skating You'll learn groundbreaking ideas to deal with these issues by attending a U.S. Figure Skating Club Education Seminar. Seminars are usually one-day events, lasting from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The fee is $75 per person or $250 per board of four or more members. The fee includes all materials, lunch and afternoon break. Topics include:
  • Governance
  • Legal and ethical responsibilities
  • How to recruit and retain volunteers
  • Risk management
  • Volunteering
  • Board development and education
  • Fiscal management
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic thinking
  • Rink relations
  • How to grow and retain members
  • Programming and special events
PDF Seminars:
Club Resources and Forms:

How To Form a U.S. Figure Skating Club
This is a step-by-step procedural manual to help you get started in forming a new figure skating club. Contents include qualifications for provisional club membership, tips on how to get organized, application for provisional membership and the timeline (also visit Starting a New Club).
Formation of a Nonprofit Corporation
This guide provides general information and guidance on such matters, with a focus on requirements to form a nonprofit corporation and to obtain tax-exempt status, as well as certain other related tax and reporting matters. As such, this guide highlights basic issues and cannot identify or explain all the information, issues and requirements that may be faced by persons seeking to form a nonprofit corporate entity.
Sample Club Bylaws
This is meant to be a reference tool for club boards in writing their own club bylaws. Use this as a template only.
Club Finance Guide
This is a guide for club treasurers and presidents on record keeping and finance procedures for figure skating clubs. Most skating clubs have bills to pay, uncertain income and volunteer treasurers. Many of the volunteers serving clubs are not financial, accounting or tax people; however, a little expertise is needed for acceptable financial management - this is a starter kit.
Club Fundraising Booklet
This guide was compiled from many sources to provide U.S. Figure Skating clubs with ideas, resources and the motivation to create a successful fundraising plan. All fundraising efforts for a nonprofit organization must also comply with IRS regulations. Before implementing any fundraising initiative, visit to find out if your fundraising efforts are in compliance.
Basic Skills Directors Handbook
Download this newly created handbook made specifically for Basic Skills directors. This handbook offers a wealth of information, ideas and resources as well as an appendix of important forms for running a successful Basic Skills program. Topics include management and leadership; building blocks of a successful program, such as establishing policies, staffing and marketing ideas; risk management, continuing education and sample FAQs.
Conflict Management and Resolution Guide
Conflict is a natural part of life. Dealing with it in an effective and meaningful way is the main difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one. While conflict can be difficult and uncomfortable, the end result after collaborating or compromising is usually a better decision. In an effort to encourage clubs to address conflict at the local level, U.S. Figure Skating has put together this manual to assist clubs in this regard.
Volunteer Recruiting Resources
Use these resources to help develop a volunteer recruiting program in your club, create position descriptions, interview potential volunteers and recognize those that do help out. Include these forms in your your club membership renewal packets to find out what areas of expertise lies within your membership. Keep track of this information for when you need to recruit volunteers for upcoming events and projects.
Coaches Registration
In keeping with the standards of many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today, U.S. Figure Skating has implemented a background screening process to help ensure that we are providing a safe environment and protecting the welfare of all participants in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned activities. Parents must also have the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct.

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