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Insecurity -
Are you feeling insecure? Afraid of losing your job? Nervous about doing well on a test? Cringe at the thought of public speaking? Dread singing or performing in front of an audience?

Are you always worried about the future of your relationship with your parents, current significant other, and/or life partner?

What is Insecurity?
      Insecurity is the feeling of not being confident about the outcome of an event. Insecurity is usually associated with future events, but based on prior bad experiences. For example, you may be feeling insecure about a future test because of prior poor performances in test taking. 

Examples of situations that may cause feelings of insecurity
      The following are examples which typically are situations where you could:
  • Feel insecure about your job: you may be afraid of losing your current job or you may be afraid to be laid off in an anticipated planned company down sizing. One of the things that can help you eliminate this feeling completely is to have another source of income. In the economy of 2011, this may not be a task that can be easily accomplished.
  • Feel insecure about a relationship: you may be feeling insecure about your relationship with your romantic partner and you constantly worry that the relationship will end.
  • Feel insecure about yours finances: always concerned about having enough money for when you retire and/or if an accident or illness incapacitate you or your life partner.
  • Fear of Rejection: When tells you no, it is a form of rejection. but that doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with you. There may be many reasons that someone would reject you that are not a personal attack.
  • Lack Self-confidence: Lack of self-confidence frequently is basis of your feelings of insecurity.
  • Have a poor Self Image: Negative feelings associated with insecurity result result in a person thinking that they are not worthy of having good things happen to them.
Causes of insecurity feelings
      Not being sure of your abilities or your life skills can make it difficult to face problems and take steps to solve them.  Most adult males what to be able to comfortably provide for a future wife and children. College education and retirement planning also rate high on a list of being a financial provider. Not being sure that your skills will provide the qualifications to secure a well paying job causes deep feelings of insecurity. 

      Being raised in an environment that is full of uncertainty is a major cause of insecurity. The family environment that is constantly worried about their finances is very likely to cause the next generation  to become insecure grownups.

Recommended Reading:

  • The Core Issue: Insecurity  One area that can create the feeling of insecurity is when we have to deal with issues that leave us feeling intimidated.
  • How Can I Stop Feeling Insecure?  Feelings of insecurity rob us of even an existing moment of happiness. We constantly feel threatened even if our external surroundings impose no danger to our survival.

The Sports Environment

Insecurity and Confidence - Pathway to Happiness   Overcoming insecurity and building self confidence are emotional states changed by shifting core beliefs about our false self images.

Overcoming Insecurity in Relationships Use these 7 tips to stop feeling insecure about your relationship.

How to Recognize Insecurities: 8 steps How to Recognize Insecurities. We all have insecurities about something at one point or other in our lives. Everyone feels insecure at times, but some are better at managing them while others wear them on their sleeve for all to see.


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