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      The key to a successful volunteer organization is to offer a variety of activities and services that appeal to its membership. Members are much more likely to volunteer if their child is actively participating and  having fun in the activity.

      Many families have both parents and single parent households stretched both in available time and financial resources that make it difficult for them to expend large amounts of time physically present to staff events. This can be overcome by developing a schedule that breaks the time into managable time slots.

      Spouses and siblings can an important source of volunteers.

    It is important to develop a detailed list of what needs to accomplished in the planning, execution, and debriefing of every activity or event.  Every events must have written reports with time lines and the skills required to accomplish all tasks from what may at first appears to be a minor concern; however, without the timely completion of the task, the entire event can be jeopardized.

Warning - some individuals keep the details in their mind or refuse to
share information as they use this as a means of insuring their being
important and indispensable.

      Enlist a team to accomplish tasks and use this as a method of on the job training so that individuals can step in with missing a beat if an accident, illness, death, job transfer, or a family emergency occurs.

      Almost every family has a computer and Internet connection. Generally the kids are acquiring computer word processing skills at schools and used the internet to research home work assignments. Utilize these talents and develop a publication committee that is patterned after a professional publishing organization with the following staff:
  • Editor
  • Assisstant Editor
  • Office Manager
  • Scheduling Department - selecting articles for each issue for the entire year
  • Layout Designer
  • Illustrations and Photo Department
  • Proofing Department
  • Assignment Editor
  • Writters
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Production Coordinator
  • Distribution Department
  • Web Master
      Dividing up the tasks requires coordination and interpersonal skills to insure that each member of the team is in fact diligently working on their task and is on or ahead of schedule. Timely intervention can prevent a disaster and failure to achieve a "professional" product or missed deadline.

      When people volunteer, they should receive recognition by an award at the organization annual meeting, but also immediately following the completion of the activity or event.  Attention to details such as a handwritten note to each volunteer is especially welcomed by those who volunteered and whose efforts contributed to the success of the project.

      The use of photos helps to keep all members informed and is very useful in promoting the event the following year.  Don't forget to use your club's bulletin board at the rink to feature a volunteer, skater. or other deserving member each month.


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