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Feasibility Study

Business Analysis
       When researching the feasibility of building a new ice skating facility or renovating an older facility, the purpose of developing an analysis of the community's demographics is to determine if there is a need for the project and the potential customer support from users, and public support for the construction of a specific project and location.

Demand Analysis
       The Demand Analysis Objectives & Process for an athletic/recreational venue is the key to the decision to build/not build a new recreational facility. The demand, whether it is existing or can be developed, must be sufficient on a year around basis to make the enterprise worthwhile for the community and financially viable on an on‐going basis to the investors. There are two basic demand considerations:
  • Sources inside the Community Impact Area*: .
    • .5 mile radius of adjacent properties and in the immediate
    • .6 to 5 mile radius, economic and traffic impacts
    •  5.1 to 10 mile radius
    •  10.1 to 15 mile radius
  • Sources outside the Community Boundaries that may support a new or remodeled facility
*Note: In some rural communities the impact area may cover the entire county.

       The demand analysis needs to focus on the sports and athletic needs of the community within a reasonable distance and/or travel time to the rink, with an emphasis on developing uses to turn "dead" time into revenue:
  • Not in School Time (NST) available for the youth ages 5 to 18 years
  • Off Work Time (OWT) available for singles who are working or attending college full time, ages 19 and over
  • Free Time (FT) available for adults who are employed or homemakers full time, ages 19 and over
       A specific examination needs to be made to determine the likely need for an ice rink. A Demand Assessment's objective is to determine whether or not the current and potential demand for sports and and recreational activities are sufficient to justify the acquisition of expensive land and and securing financial resources to construct a new or remodel an existing ice skating facility.

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Demand Analysis
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Design Principles
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