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Facilitating a Volunteer Organization

Successful Volunteer Organizations just don't Spontaneously Occur and Thrive
       It is the leadership of any nonprofit organization that establishing the principles and purpose of forming the organization. It is their vision and sense of purpose that must be communicated to the volunteers who usually are  the first to contact the public has with the organization! It’s is more efficient and the costs ratio to benefits demonstrates the desirability of retaining existing volunteers.

A constant turnover of volunteers is a RED FLAG!  Ignore this situation and
discover the pool of volunteers has shrunk below a sustainability level.

       Studies have found that two-fifths of individuals who stop volunteering for an organization are caused by one or more poor volunteer management practices:
  • Poor follow-through with volunteers,
  • Forgetting to thank them,
  • Poor communication,
  • Lack of support or training,
  • Unclear roles/poorly defined expectations and responsibilities,
  • Out-of-pocket costs.
  • Failure to consider volunteers as valuable assets.
       An excellent support device is a comprehensive workbook that is a "how to" step by step timeline of what needs to be accomplished.  Examples of correspondence, paper work, reports, and detailed budget should be included in the workbook.  Ideally each chairperson should have served as a second in charge in the prior year so they gain "on the job" experience.
      Guilt is a powerful motivating force". While it may be effective, it comes with a price -  resentment.
There are better ways to inspire people to become volunteers.

      In our stressful economic uncertainty there is a lessening of participation in leisure time activities, thus it has become extremely difficult to identify and retain volunteers who have dedication and willingness to commit for multiple years. Volunteers are key to the success of every non-profit organization.

What are appropriate ways to motivate volunteers?
       The following ideas are based on observations of organizations that have demonstrated different and successful approaches:     .

Positive Feedback is the best motivation

Give Regular Rewards and Recognition
        Effective forms of recognition and rewards include:
  • Certificates of appreciation
  • Five year, ten year, fifteen year pins/plaques
  • Outstanding volunteer reward in each department
  • Newsletter articles about the people who have contributed to the success of the organization.
  • Student interns - Some students will work for the experience to add to their resume when they graduate. Other students may be able to earn college credit.
  • Organization leaders need to spend time interacting with volunteers. The leadership must have a high commitment to volunteers and working with them.
  • Provide free food for volunteers who staff events
Training Sessions
        Send chairpersons to training seminars, workshops, and conferences so they can return and share the information with leadership of the organization and organize internal training sessions.

Provide Training for each volunteer position
Provide each volunteer with a mentor that can assist individuals who need help in getting up to speed as quickly as possible. There is nothing to be gained by anyone not succeeding. Be proactive and insure any volunteer doesn't become frustrated, discouraged, and quit in exasperation.

Coordinate with committee chairs
        Written progress reports by the committee chair should be communicated with the organization's leadership. The gathering of the information to prepare the report is an example of communication skills. This also is the time that feedback can be exchanges and resolution of potential problems be instigated.
Recommended Reading:

Dr Judy Esmond is a leading international expert on volunteering. Download her articles -

You can also read so many more of her ideas on volunteer management, recruiting and recognizing volunteers and and members by subscribing at

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PDF Motivating Volunteers - University of Nevada  Motivating Volunteers. JoAnne Skelly, Carson City / Storey County Extension Educator. Roles of Volunteers. Volunteers are an important resource.

Understanding and Motivating Volunteers   May 2005 - When involved in a nonprofit organization, board members, committee chairs, and volunteers have individual behavioral styles that differ from their other work environments. To form more effective relationships, nonprofit leaders should adapt their behavioral style to complement their volunteers.


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