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      Exhibitions are a very important part of providing athletes with an opportunity to demonstrate a new program in front of an audience. Sometimes the exhibition can be evaluated by judges to provide valuable impressions. Technical specialists use this as an opportunity to evaluate the athlete's efforts applying any rule changes that will be used in the fall regional, sectional, and national competitions.

      Clubs can host exhibitions as a form of recognizing the efforts of our competitors who are preparing to enter regional, sectional, and national competitions.

      Clubs may also use an exhibition to as a fund raiser to help defray the expenses of entering competitions by home club members. Funds can be raised by a raffle, food sales, and donations for admission to the event.

      The San Diego FSC invites Judges and Technical Specialists to critique the skaters. Following the exhibitions a reception held in which club team jackets are presented to skaters.

Feb. 18, 2008 Exhibition photos by Fedelie Punsalan


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