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Exercising occurs in all sorts of activities such as Transportation
       In the days before the invention of the model T automobile, many people walked out of necessity. you either walked or rode horseback to travel short designations. Gradually trains, steamboats, and carriages/wagons pulled by horses were used for longer distances.

       In the twenty-first century, many people drive to a gym to use a treadmill. Walking in the fresh air and sunlight is healthy, especially on fitness trails or running around the track at a local school or local park.
       Of course there are times of day, routes, and communities where there might be safety issues of walking on sidewalks or biking alone local streets (not highways).  Use common sense and don't walk or bike alone. In addition, it is never a good decision do these activities with ear buds listening to music or a sports game. Your attention should be focused on the obstacles and traffic that can endanger your life. 

Long commutes to work by car consumes time that could be put to better uses
        In some regions of the country employees can commute over longer distances by alternative forms of transportation such as to subways, commuter trains and by air. Some regions are lucky enough to live in communities where jobs, shopping, schools, parks, and housing are located within a short commuting distance. Some cities have expanded up into block after block of tall buildings blotting out the sun. Housing and parking pace are purchased separately at prices of expensive estates.

       Many careers consume so much time and commitment to be promoted that social scientists have identified that the are serious physical and mental health problems showing up in younger and younger adults. Excess weight and consumption of alcohol contribute to early onset diabetes and heart problems.

Recreational Activities Reduce Job Related Stress
        Of course you may drive or hitch a ride to a location where you participate in a friendly social activity like playing hoops, or participating in a bowling league also is exercising. After the game/activities they socialize as they consume food and alcohol. Unfortunately the late night calories consumed exceeds the calories burned in the physical activities.

       An advantage of owning your own house is that gardening can be another form of exercise even if it involves pushing a powered lawn mower.

Promotion of Home Exercise Equipment - Exercise Bikes, Treadmills, Resistant Weights, etc., 
      Off-Ice Exercise Workshops provide skaters with a working knowledge of approved exercises that can be used to assist in the development of spins, jumps, and various connecting turns and movements. 

      Parents should be aware that improper Off-Ice training techniques can encourage skaters to develop muscle groups that work against the quick muscle response reflex necessary to spring from the ice and achieve the height necessary to successful complete clean multi-rotation jumps.

      Parents and skaters should not attempt to achieve a state of hyper extended flexibility in spirals, camel spins, splits, and layback spins unless they work with an individual who is certified and is using the Strength Conditioning and Injury Prevention Training Manual by Kat Arbour who developed the USFS Basic Skills Exercise Program.

      PDF Warm Up Exercises Line, Side Step, Lunge. Image excerpts from “Strength Conditioning & Injury Prevention Training Manual” © Kat Arbour/Ice Dynamics®.  Used with permission.

      The Training Manual discusses the principles of injury prevention as it relates to skating, training methods for off-ice conditioning programs, extensive sample workouts that show how to periodize or change the training program throughout the year to optimally peak during the competition season.

      You can order a full Training Manual priced at $35 plus shipping at:
Phone      267-476-2000
      The following materials provided a background for a program of Off-Ice exercises that help improve On-Ice skills sooner and also help to prevent common strain and sprain type injuries that can take weeks to recover from and may require time off from On-Ice training.

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Strength, Conditioning and Injury Prevention for Hockey Authors  Joseph Horrigan and Earl Joseph Kreis  Provides information for hockey players and coaches who want to incorporate a safe and solid program into their routine. This guide contains the most up-to-date information and advice culled from sports medicine's most recognized specialists - from neurosurgeons to dentists to orthopedics.

PDF Off-Ice Conditioning For Youth Hockey Players  Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement: Dynamic Warm-Up. Presented by: Anthony Donskov, CSCS, NASM-PES.

PDF Bluefield College Football Strength & Conditioning Functional training, core training, injury prevention, and cardiovascular ... that we have implemented as part of our strength and conditioning program. You also watch the demonstration videos.

Conditioning And Injury Prevention Tips - Injury Prevention 13 Injury Prevention and Conditioning Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser. These conditioning and injury prevention tips explain how to do the exercises. Orthopedic therapists leverage strength training, joint mobilizations, heat and cold, and electrical stimulation to support and treat patients suffering injuries or diseases that affect the muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons.

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All materials are copy protected. 
The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.

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