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Earning Respect

What do you do if people don't respect you?
       If people do not give you respect you think you deserve, prove them wrong either through direct or indirect actions. Rejections usually occur because of the ignorance of others and not because of any mistakes you committed. It is helpful to review typical mistakes that might be occurring that prevent people from providing the respect they deserve.

Take positive steps to earn respect.
      First impressions are very important. When approaching people you don't want to appear hesitant in your appearance as expressed in your facial expressions and body language.

      People are more likely to believe information they are told by trusted and credible source. The appearance of confidence will cause people to believe that your message is important and trustworthy. A source that appears to be hesitant and nervous will not be consider as trustworthy because the individual fails to gain their respect.

      Here are few suggestions that are useful in getting people to respect you:

  • Walk, talk, and approach people with confidence: People won't respect you until you prove to them that you are worthy of their respect. The first few seconds of initially meeting with a person can be very telling. They will form their opinion of you by your level of confidence or lack there of.  If you are not sure of yourself, how can you expect others to respect you if you don't respect yourself? Why should others want to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself?
  • Tell them who you are:  Without speaking a word, you tell people a lot about yourself by the way you walk and stand that can be reinforced by your conversation with them. Your eye contact reflects that you are interested in them. Your words communicate the confidence you have in yourself and reinforces your message that you are truly interested in them by positive body language.
Earning respect
       People become discouraged by negative signs and they become encouraged when they see positive signs. Refer to Increasing Confidence.

       Far to many people attempt to impress people of the self-importance. If you want a person's respect then you must approach them and allow them "to tell you who they are". Monopolizing the conversation will result people being turned off  and thus you failed to earn their respect because they did not feel valued.

      Many of life's rejections might be the direct result of your own self doubts which are directly reflected in your actions and behavior. If you approach people differently, they may have more respect for you.

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