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Earning a Gold Test Medal

     Every beginning skater undertakes a journey that may involve different paths in developing their skills. Ultimately they dream of achieving a Gold test medal in MITF and/or compulsory dancing. There can be many bumps and sometimes interruptions along the way of earning a gold medal in free skating, pairs, and free dance.

     Pair and dance teams experience additional challenges that relate to finding a compatible partner with similar skills, financial resources, complimentary body height, weight, body line, and compatible personalities.

Skating Competitively
     Passing tests and training to enter competitions add to the challenges and rewards associated with the sport of figure skating.  Training often produces frustrating situations that must be confronted in order to enhance skill development. It is the way each individual athlete responds to the challenges that makes them "outstanding" in the sport of figure skating.

     The process of becoming a figure skater provides each individual with practical lessons on how to manage their time, prioritize objectives, deal with frustrations, budget limited resources, and focus positively on attaining achievable goals.

     Figure skaters acquire essential self confidence, leadership, and communication skills by participating in the training process required to test and enter United States Figure Skating open and qualifying competitions. These skills have positive transference into many non-skating endeavors such as:
  • admission to colleges and universities
  • public speaking
  • job interviews
  • pursuing career promotions
  • social skills
  • marriage skills
  • parenting skills
     In the pursuit of a gold test medal, skaters acquire essential skills that can be successfully used in dealing with frequent challenges that arise in non-skating activities at home, at school, and on the job.

    Self confidence, leadership, and communication skills learned as a skater provide practical lessons on how to manage time, prioritize objectives, deal with budget resources, handle frustrations,  and focus on attaining achievable, positive goals that transfer to life long skating and non-skating opportunities. 

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