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Coordination Exercises

One of the keys to success in any sport is coordination.  While some children are naturally
more coordinated than others, there are several things that can be done to
help a young
athlete continue to progress in this area of development. 

Brian Grasso suggests the following 12 exercises to help young athletes
improve their coordination skills.

  1. Multi-directional forms of running, jumping and skipping

  2. Single leg balancing games

  3. Mirror games (mirroring each other’s movements)

  4. Known exercises starting or finishing in new positions (start sprints from belly or one knee; end with hands up or on all fours)

  5. Opposite arm circles (right hand circles forward, left backwards)

  6. Simultaneous arm and leg circles

  7. Jump in place with 180 or 360 turns while in flight

  8. Balance exercises on a low balance beam

  9. Cross step-over running or carioca

  10. Somersault to balance (somersault to standing one legged balance)

  11. Skipping A, B and C’s

  12. Obstacle running (place hurdles directly on floor and have athlete run over them)

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to Brian Grasso for this article.

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