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Dealing with Life's Problems

How do we deal with life problems?
     Why would the same life problem that causes someone deep emotional distress, be the same life problem that fails to affect an another person?

     Some people find it much easier to deal with problems they encounter and others become desperate, helpless, or very depressed dealing with the same situations.

     Some people become stronger, more resilient, and very persistent in the face of life problems.  The following are suggested positive actions:
  • Forward Thinking:  An obsession with the past will imprison a person in their negative thoughts. As a result in is very difficult to move forward. Never blame others for being responsible for the problem. Stress finding solutions for the problem as way to move forward.

  • Understand the law of cause and effect: If you kept repeating the same actions,  you will continue getting the same results!  To deal with life problems, it is necessary to list your routine solutions and make suitable changes to positively affect the outcomes. Sometimes it is necessary to "think outside he box" to come up with a new direction.
  • Don't be afraid to form new attachments: People who successfully deal with problems in their life are those who don't get attached strongly to their possessions. Some individuals are unable to deal with losing anything with a close attachment. Successful individuals pick their battles carefully and shrug off their loss to move on to fight for a higher purpose or value. People who become emotionally attached to things and that becomes a weakness or Achilles heel.
  • Think long term: Some people have such a difficulty time dealing with a short term problem that they are never able to deal with problems requiring a long term approach. They allow daily problems to deter them from developing and following a long term plan.
Dealing with problems rather than evading them
      Too many people can not face their problems head on. Instead the spend twice as much effort in attempting to evade the responsibility of making decisions.

      Procrastinators are an example of those who didn't confront and deal with their problems. As a result they stagnate and never move on.

     Some people hesitate are behave like procrastinators because their behavior reflects an individual who is afraid to deal with problems ad tends to be unwilling to venture outside his or her comfort zone.

     If you truly want to deal with the problems you are dealt, you must be ready to stop hesitating and the self deception that goes along with procrastination.

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