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Dance Steps & Turns -
Workshop Topics & Lesson Plans

Skaters need to acquire the bilateral ability to perform these turns and steps
    The goal of these workshops is to demonstrate the Dance Steps/Turns and Connecting Elements as they can be used to connect elements well balanced free skating, pair, free dance, and Synchronized skating programs. 

     These same movements are also provide the basic step sequences required in Free Skating, Pair, and Free Dance, and
test programs as well as in competition programs, including Synchronized skating.

These workshops can serve as a guide for coaches to begin to incorporate these steps and turns into free skating programs, starting with pre-preliminary tests and no test competition events.

Level 1
    Forward Inside Mohawks
    Back Inside Mohawks
    Forward Outside Swing Rolls
    Back Outside Swing Rolls

Level 2
    Waltz 3's
    Drop 3's
    Forward Chassés
    Back Chassés

Level 3
    Forward Slide Chassés
    Forward Inside Swing Rolls
    Forward to Back Outside Mohawks (14 step)
    Back to Forward Outside Mohawks

Level 4
    Back Outside to Forward Inside Choctaws (Blues)
    Forward to Back Outside Mohawks (Foxtrot)
    Forward to Back Outside Mohawks (Rocker FoxTrot)
    Back Outside to Forward Inside Choctaws (Foxtrot)

Level 5
    Forward Inside Swing Mohawks (Silver Tango)
    Forward Outside Swing Mohawks (Silver Tango)
    Forward Inside 3's
    Forward Cross Rolls

Level 6   
    Forward Cross Rolls into quick inside mohawk
    Back Cross Rolls
    Killian Choctaws
    Blues Choctaws

Level 7
    Forward Outside Swing Choctaws (Quickstep)
    Swing Outside Forward Rockers (R. Foxtrot)
    Alternating inside mohawks (Starlight)
    Forward Waltz 3's (American Waltz)

Level 8
    Twizzles (Argentine Tango)
    Forward Inside Swing Rockers
    Twizzles (multiple traveling turns)


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