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Ice Dance Curriculum

The Bridge Program Dance curriculum provides an introduction to Ice Dancing.

    No previous experience in ice dancing is necessary. The workshops are designed for skaters for whom this will be their first exposure to ice dancing.

    Skaters will be divided by skill groups according to their skating skills and to accommodate skaters who have some previous experience in ice dancing.

    The concept is to build on a skater's basic ability to perform edges and turns by adding the concept of set patterns and different musical tempos.

    The curriculum listed is designed to introduce the principles involved with the discipline of ice dancing.

    Depending of the skill of some groups, skaters may only work on one principle for the entire allotted time during the session.

    Skaters will also participate in off ice instruction to maximize the value of the on-ice time.

Discussion topics:
➢    Opportunities available to test and compete in ice dancing
➢    Variations of technique and style
➢    Application of pattern
➢    Ice utilization
➢    How to read dance patterns
➢    Tracking
➢    Partnering

Dance Lesson Plan
    Ice Dance 1 - Dutch Waltz
    Ice Dance 2 - Canasta Tango
    Ice dance  3 - Rhythm Blues
    Ice Dance 4 - Cha Cha
    Ice Dance 5 - Swing Dance
    Ice Dance 6 - Fiesta Tango


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Table of Contents - Basic Skills Bridge Program Handbook
Skating Programs, Seminars, and Workshops
Chapters Learning Table of Contents -
The Learning Environment:     The Learning Process
Skill Development Environment: Mental Training:
The Process of Learning
Introduction - Modifying Skills and Habits

Physical and Mental Training Considerations
Learning Topics:
Sports Information Sports Training

Skating Skills and Training
PDF Acquisition of Skills
PDF Allocate Training Resources
PDF Determining Ability
PDF Developing a Training Program
PDF Developing Athletes
PDF General Training Principles
PDF Good Training Habits
PDF Pathways to Skating Goals
PDF Practicing School Figures
PDF Training Stages
PDF Figure Skating Training Program
PDF Strength Training Tips/Techniques
PDF Strength Training for Women
Summer On Ice Skating Workshops
Jump Training
Video Skating Clips
PDF Power and Acceleration Workout
PDF Measuring Core Body Stability
PDF Youth Athletes
PDF Smart Training
PDF Coaching
PDF A Common Training Fallacy
PDF Crossover Training
PDF A primer on Periodization Training
PDF 8 Year-Round Strength Drills
PDF Periodization Training Schedule
PDF Conditioning - Aerobic and Anaerobic
PDF Cardiovascular Yearly Training Cycle
PDF Resistance Exercises you can do at home
PDF Strength Program for Figure Skating
PDF Strength Training Benefits Figure Skaters
PDF Exercises you can perform at home
Warm Up Stretching, Cooling Down, and Flexibility Training
Ice Skating Rink Index
Ice Skating Disciplines
Choreography and Artistic Performances
Choreography - An Art or Science?
Technique in Choreographing Skating Programs
Music's Role in Creating Skating Programs

Role of the Choreographer in Figure Skating
A Choreographer's Role & Duties
Choreography & Presentation
The Role of Choreography in Presentation
Program Components
Choreographing Free Skating Programs
Choreographing Artistic Skating Programs
Artistic and Interpretive Events
Showcase Events
Theater On Ice Events
Creating Dance Content
Skater Feedback

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