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Curling Tips

The Origin of Curling
      The sport began on the lakes and ponds of Northern Europe in the 1500's. Curling is now played actively in more than thirty countries in Europe, Asia, North America, New Zealand, and Australia. The sport is most popular in Scotland, then Canada, followed by the United States. It is mostly played indoors at dedicated curling facilities housing multiple sheets (lanes) of ice.

      A team consists of four players each slide. A match consists to two teams who slide 42-pound granite rocks down a sheet of "pebbled" ice masuring140 feet long by 15 feet wide. The rocks are delivered from one end of the sheet to the other toward the center of a 12-foot diameter target. Teams alternate delivering the first throw as determined by the team scoring in the end automatically throws first in the next end. This results in the scoring team never having the advantage of being able to throw the last rock after just scoring.

Objective of the Game
       The object of each player is to place his/or rock in an offensive or defensive position to score. One point is scored for each rock, of the same team, that is closest to the center of the 12-foot outer ring without an opponent's rock being nearer. Each player throws two rocks towards the target, alternating with the opponent. Rocks traveling down the ice can curve anywhere from six inches to six feet. The "skip" provides the target location and directs the "sweeping" to slow or speed up the movement down the ice and amount of curve taken by the rock. After all sixteen rocks have been thrown the score is determined. Only one team can score per end. 

The Offensive or Defensive Objectives
  The skip must have both an offensive and a defensive strategy for each shot that changes depending on the positions of the rocks of both teams. The following tactics are frequently used:

The Takeout - is designed to remove the opposing team’s stones from the house and remove them
completely from being a factor in the inning. A successful takeout will remove the opponent’s stone without removing your stone in play.

Guarding - is the positioning of your stone in front of other stones to prevent a takeout of your rock
that is in sscoring position.
Sheet Dimensions

The "house" is a series of circles at both ends of the sheet of ice that are painted on the ice and covered by a thin layer of ice

House consists of three circles measuring four, eight and twelve feet in diameter with center that is called the button.

       A unique part of curling is the concept of sweeping. Players vigorously sweep, or brush the ice in front of the rock to keep it moving. The sweeping process generates friction that produces heat that momentarily melts an extremely thin layer of the ice in front of the rock. This thin layer lubricates the bottom of the rock allowing it to travel farther and straighter. The intensity of the sweeping and the duration is directed by instructions from the skip of the team throwing the rock.

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