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Cumulative Learning Theory
By Robert M. Gagné

        Robert Mills Gagné was an educational psychologist who served as Professor in the Department of Educational Research at Florida State University. He is best known for his theory on the conditions of learning and on the nine events of instruction.

        The body of Gagné's work is sometimes summarized as the Gagné Assumption. Gagné's theory stipulates that different types of learning exist, and that different instructional approaches are required to maximize the achievement objectives of each specific learner. The focus of his theory is on the retention and honing of intellectual skills.

        Gagné's theory proposes that there are Nine Essential Steps of Instruction:
  1. Gain attention - Present stimulus to ensure reception of instruction.
  2. State the learning objective - What will the pupil gain from the instruction?
  3. Stimulate recall of prior learning - Ask for recall of existing relevant knowledge.
  4. Present the stimulus - Display the content.
  5. Provide learning guidance
  6. Elicit performance - Learners respond to demonstrate knowledge.
  7. Provide feedback - Give informative feedback on the learner's performance.
  8. Assess performance - More performance and more feedback, to reinforce information.
  9. Enhance retention and transfer to other contexts
        The development of rationally sound instructional procedures, according to Gagné, must take into consideration various characteristics of the learner, such as initiate capacities, experimental maturity, and current knowledge states. Such factors become parameters that should be used to design of any program of instruction.
Learning & Human Development
        The following chapters in Robert M. Gagné's book present his explanation of the nature of human intellectual development, cumulative learning theory.

        His Cumulative Learning Theory provides an alternative to the concept of instructional sequencing which was widely used.

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