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Controlling & Managing Emotions in Sports

Understanding your emotions
      Many people wake up feeling tired and unhappy everyday, but never take steps to find out the cause and what they can do to alleviate the problem(s). The source of their problems can usually can be traced to physical, emotional, or a combination or both.

      Emotions are symptomatic and until the underlying reasons are treated, the symptoms will not go away on a permanent basis.

      Problems that are external to a sport, such as social/dating conflict will cause serious emotional pain to the individual that can be a serious distraction to academic studies and participation in sports. A low GPA can result in the student being declared as ineligible to participate in extra curricular activities such as sports. This type of problem is not restricted school age "crushes", but extends to adult infatuations, interpersonal difficulties at work and at home. Such problems can emerge at inopportune times.

      It is extremely important to understand an athlete has emotional needs and failure to satisfy these needs  results in emotional pain. Solving these problems requires an understanding of the reasons anmd source(s) causing the emotional pain in order to implement solutions to eliminate or mitigate the pain.

How to understand your emotions, emotional needs and emotional pain
      The reason(s) an individual develops emotional needs can range from simple to very complex. Adult problems are usually rooted in early childhood. Each child in a family may experience similar situations and respond different from the emotional needs that a sibling develops.

      The additional of each new child changes the interpersonal family dynamics of the quality and quantity of attention received by each child. 

      Young children and teenagers may not be able to express verbally what are their emotional needs, but the pain they experience is real and can transform how they interact with people through their entire life.

Understand emotions in terms of emotional needs
      To start understanding your own emotions begins when you develop an awareness of emotional needs that others display.

      Understanding that emotional pain you are experiencing is a method your mind uses in an attempt to motivate an individual in the pursuit and fulfillment of their emotional needs. Your subconscious mind will attempt to find a way to satisfy its emotional needs. It is up to the individual to recognize these signals and then become motivated to take the necessary steps to convert dreams, hopes, and ambitions into reality.

      Failure to discard your  negative emotional needs will result emotional pain in the form of sadness, bad mood or even depression.     

      Understand these facts and you will be able to get rid or gain better control of the unwanted emotions in your life.

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