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Construction Design Tips

Typical Recreational Ice Floor Configuration

  • Full size hockey arena floor is normally 200' x 85'
  • Olympic size hockey floor is 200' x 100'
  • Curling sheets are 14' x 146' but are usually laid out at 15' x150'
  • Refrigeration Load can range from 45 to 300 tons for an arena

  • A Dual rink Design with Supporting Recreational Facilities
    This dual rink design is used by the City of St. Peters, Missouri Rec-Plex/Recreation South Facility.

    Avoiding permafrost damage to the rink substrata
        Permafrost is a serious problem with the typical sand floor and continuous use.  Many years ago the ice rink in Pasadena, CA was sold and the property used for a post office.  The redevelopment was delayed by the extreme depth of the frozen soil under the previous ice surface. Eventually the had to resort to excavation of the frozen soil rather than wait for it to thaw out.

       With the recent trend to construct ice rinks on top of buildings and parking structures, the concept of constructing an ice rinks has evolved in design to limiting the depth and square foot area to be cooled by the refrigeration.  See  Refrigerated Slab.    

    Cooling Floor

            The floor surface is occasionally constructed entirely with sand but this limits the use of the facility. More commonly the floor consists of a 5" or 6" cement pad reinforced with Rebar.

           The brine is supplied to the floor via 6" to 10" headers. The headers are constructed of PVC or steel. The headers feed an in-floor-cooling grid consisting of 1" polyethylene or steel pipe spaced on 3" to 4" centers.

           The cooling floor brine is usually a calcium chloride solution mixed to a freeze point of -5 to -10 deg. F. The pH should be maintained at a level of 7.5 to 8.5 The brine should be tested annually by a lab regularly engaged in testing arena brine samples.

    Heating Floor
           The rejected waste heat from the refrigeration plant typically provides the heat source for heating the floor supporting the ice sheet, but boilers or electric resistance heaters are occasionally used as well.

          The heated calcium is usually supplied to the heating floor via 4" brine mains. The mains in turn feed a 1" polyethylene grid spaced on 12" to 24" centers The heating floor is positioned approximately 1' under the cooling floor and is separated by insulation and a vapor barrier.

          The heating floor brine should be kept at a freeze point of 10-15 deg. F. The pH should be maintained at a level of 7.5 to 8.5 The brine should be tested annually by a lab regularly engaged in testing arena samples.

    Solving Humidity Problems in Ice Rinks

    Typical Recreational Ice Floor Configuration

    Installation Tips

    Maintenance Tips


    HowStuffWorks "How Ice Rinks Work"
    The Raleigh arena has a Heated Floor. Two large water filtration systems to produce deionized water, which is essential for making clear ice.

    PBM Refrigeration - Recreational - Ice Rink Floors
    Headers are located in an accessible trench at the end of the ice rink. Removable covers are set over the trench, made of wood, steel or concrete. 814-244-1407 - Everything Ice
    Building Layout Reasoning. Masonry Work Begins. Vapor Barriers On Exterior Walls . Part 2 of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Video - 34 min 7 sec

    Typical Ice Rink System Design Drawings
    Floor System. Fine Grading. Over Sub-Soil. Piping. Rink Floor. Insulation

    Manchester Evening News Arena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It is often chosen by touring acts because its design and layout makes the venue ... One day the arena could host an ice rink, the next day a concert, the next day .... To allow for the arena floor space to be extended for such events,

    Arena Layouts
    Sports Layout, Arena Layouts: Ice rink. Ice Rink Layout. Arena Layouts: Boxing ... Wrestling Layout, Arena Layouts: Floor benches. Floor Bench layout

    Berg Chilling System Inc. - Ice Rink Chiller / Ice Rink ...
    Underneath the floor at the arena, you'll find a refrigeration systems like ... Typical Layout of an Ice Rink Refrigeration System. Ice Rink Chiller

    Southwestern Manitoba town simplifies ice-making while ...
    temperatures. • Optimized S T U D Y. Thermal storage buffer. Conventional rink floor. Ice surface. Ice surface ..... ice rink pipe layout to reduce pump ...

    Proposal for constructing a replacement rink for the existing Pasadena Ice Rink
    March 8, 2010 ... necessary amenities of a modern community rink. A layout of a proposed rink was ... Attachment B - Proposed Ice Arena Floor Plan.

    Proposed Ice Rink Facility
    Proposed Ice Rink Facility. This Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program ... 14, Chapter 3, Sections 15074 and 15097) and the City of Pasadena CEQA Guidelines. .... The City must submit complete building plans to ensure that the

    Ice Rinks Project
    The City of Pasadena is proposing to develop an ice rink facility or jointly ...

    Puck Boy Chronicles: Pasadena City Council balks on new ice ...
    Aug. 3, 2010 ... They did this despite having no Plan B to move skating anywhere else when the ... Labels: Bill Bogaard, new ice rink, Pasadena City Council

    Polar Palace
    The first story about the proposed rink appeared in the Los Angeles ... A small studio rink adjoining was also planned, to be 25' x 40', for lessons and club use. ... After the fire, there was no ice rink in Southern California that had ... on Broadway between 5th and 6th, in Pasadena, Santa Ana and San Diego

    How to Build Ice Arena
    Concession Area Ever thought of building an ice rink? The rink is the key to all hockey development In ...Layout & Equipment. Adhesive Rink Floor Drawing

    Design & Planning

    Building A Community Rink In Steps

    Sample Rink Floor Plans

    Construction Design Videos On-Line

    Book On Ice Rink Design

    Typical Sand Rink Drawings

    Typical Concrete Rink Drawings

    Building Design Checklist

    Typical Sand Rink Install Schedule

    Typical Concrete Rink Install Schedule

    Planning A City Center Ice Rink  Commonly Made Design Mistakes To Avoid

    Ice Resurfacer Dimensional Sheet

    Sub-Soil Heat Narrative

    Resurfacer Water Supply Configuration

    Sample Ice Rink Business Plan

    Reduce Sewer Tap Fees – Water Plan Ltr

    Rink Benefits To Community – BY VSC

    Typical Max Single Rink Budget

    Typical Max Twin Rink Budget

    Marketing & Start-Up Planning


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    PDF  When Bigger is Better
    PDF  How An Ice Arena Works

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