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Construction Design Check List

       It is very helpful to have a list of items that must be considered and steps taken to develop a construction plan that is designed to achieve the needs of the skaters and spectators. Construction finances are extremely important so time spent in researching and insuring the plans have not forgotten any important items prior to starting construction. 

       Changes that are made after the project starts may greatly increase the cost of implementing the changes. Individuals who are not familiar with the terms and construction procedures will find the following information helpful in understanding the various steps in constructing an ice rink.

       The following Check List of Tasks need to be reviewed in planning phase prior to starting constructing of any ice skating facility. Source:  John Burley's 2009 web site.    814-244-1407
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Getting Started – Overview Of The Complex
Picking The Location
Site Striping & Grading
Structural Steel Delivery & Erection
Building Foundations
Water Proofing & Perimeter Drainage
Tie-rods & Hairpins For Lateral Loads
Planning Underground Piping & Utilities
Elevator Pit/Foundation
Galvanized Purlins For The Roof Structure
Rink Perimeter Honch Preparation
Vapor Barriers For Slabs On Grade In Rink Environment
Snow Melting Pit Design
Building Layout Reasoning
Masonry Work Begins
Vapor Barriers On Exterior Walls
Rink Piping Transmission Lines Being Installed
Underground Piping & Conduit
Metal Siding & Proper Installation Of Vapor Barriers
Rink Perimeter Concrete Forming & Pouring
Perimeter Conduit Placement For Scorer’s Box, Goal Light, & PA System
Drains In The Players Box Floors
Masonry Work & Pre-cast Second Floor Planks
Trench Drain For Ice Resurfacer
Rink Floor Rough Grade
Internal Liner Panel Installation
Dehumidifier Pad
Standing Seam Roof Being Installed With Special Insulation Package
Design & Materials For Ice Rink Roof Insulation System & Low-E ceiling Design
Insulation System Being Rolled Out Ahead Of Roof Panels

Rink Lighting - Fixture Mounting.
Light Fixture Design & Adjustment.
Parking Lot Preparation.
Site Curbing.
Construction Accident – Failed Procedure For Pre-cast Installation By GC
Asphalt Parking Lot Base Installation.
Parking Lot Poles In Place.
Players Box Back Wall Construction.
Getting The Rink Area Ready To Receive The Rink System.
Parking Lot Installed & Striped.
Building Front Area Work.
Structural Steel Painting.
Chiller In Position Installation Begins.
Radiant Heaters For Rink.
Pouring Sidewalks.
Rink Floor Subsoil Heat Tubing Being Installed.
Second Floor Fit Out Begins.

Parking Lot Completion
Exterior Wall Construction Continues
Exterior Dry-Vit Installation
Applying Curing Compounds To Exterior Slabs
Painting Structural Steel
Subsoil Heat Installation
Hollow-Core For Front Building Area
Rink Floor Fine Grading Process
Rink Floor Header Insulation Box
Refrigeration Piping In Mechanical Room
Refrigeration Hook-Up
Radiant Floor Heating System For General Use Areas
Stairway Installations
Rubber Roof On Outbuildings
Hollow Core Penetrations For Restaurant
Rink Floor Piping Delivery
Second Floor Stud Wall Construction
Rink Floor Insulation
Rink Floor Piping Installation Begins
Dasherboard Installation
Rink Floor Flooding & Ice Building
Masonry Block Filler & Painting
Dehumidifier Duct Work
Chiller Startup
Microprocessor Commissioning
Locker Room Painting
Locker Room Heaters & Controls
Locker Room Design & Showers
Rubber Flooring Installation
Making The First Ice Sheet
Stress Relieving Ice Before Painting
Painting The Ice Sheet
Second Floor Drywall Construction
HVAC Ductwork For Second Floor
Doors & Hardware To Use
Ceiling Texture Paint
Flush Mount Lighting Panels With Polycarbonate Lenses
Hollow Metal Door Panel Plastic Covers
Rental Skate Counter Design
Concession Counter Construction
Rubber Flooring In Locker Rooms
Toilet Partitions, Sink, Mirror, & Plumbing Fittings
Rink Flag Decorations
Scoreboard Installation
Center Header Trench Plate
Netting Installation Atop Of Dashers
Music Video Screen
Internal Solarium Being Constructed
Players Box Area Design
Front Dry-vit Completed
Window Finishes
External Emergency Lighting
Entrance Area Design & Mats
Lobby Area Completed Look
Rubber Floor Color Layout
Recessed Fire Extinguishers
Pro Shop Layout & Equipment Fitting
Pro Shop High Wear Carpet
Drinking Fountains
Special Solid Plastic Indestructible Skating Changing Benches
Rental Skate Racks
Concession Counter
Arcade Area
Eating Table Design
DJ Room
Saucer Game On The Ice
Food Service Equipment
Food Service Equipment
Concession Counter Design
Exhaust Hood Control
Back Food Processing Area
Walk-In Freezer
Locker Room Benches & Shelves Finished
Stick Racks
Finished Mechanical Room
Microprocessor Control System
Operating Refrigeration System
Working Dehumidifier
Boiler Room
LPG Outdoor Storage Locker


The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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