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Connecting Elements

      The goal of this workshop is to provide skaters with the confidence and ability to connect their "tricks" with steps, turns, and other elements in a continuous flow of moves that express the various moods that composers strive to convey in their musical scores.

      It is not the intention of the workshop to promote mechanical head, arm, hand, leg, and body positions that are not providing the supporting construction to show off the skaters required technical elements.  It is our goal to provide a supportive and positive environment to encourage skaters to develop their technical skills while acquiring presentation/ artistic abilities -

Level 1
    Forward Outside Pivots
    Forward Outside Spirals
    Forward OI change edge spirals
Level  2
    Inside Spread Eagles
    Inside Ina Baurs
    Forward Inside Spirals

Level 3
    Back Outside Spirals
    Back Outside Pivots 
    Forward IO change edge spirals

Level 4
    Back Inside Spirals 
    Back Change Edge Spirals
    Forward Inside Hydroplane

Level 5
    Outside Spread Eagles
    Forward Inside Pivots
    Outside Ina Baurs

Level 6
    Back Outside Hydroplane
    Outside/Inside Spread Eagles
    Inside/Outside Ina Baurs

Level 7
    Brackets Performed at Speed
    Rockers Performed at Speed
    Counters Performed at Speed
Level 8
    Inside/Outside/Inside Spread Eagles
    Piston Rolls
    Choctaws Alternating directions at speed

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All materials are copy protected. 
The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.

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