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Communicating with Members

Communication is increasingly difficulty with both parents working and dropping off children at  rinks
       Figure skating clubs have a responsibility to communicate information about the financial and internal operations of the club to its membership. The most effective way of communicating is when more than one method is used on a regular monthly basis.

       Depending on the age of the individual, their available time, financial circumstances, and interest in specific activities may vary. To insure complete and effective communications in any organization, multiple contacts using different forms of media is recommended, When members are paying their dues, ask them if they would supply contact information so they can be informed of activities and events for the new membership year.
  • Web site
  • Electronically distributed files/newsletters
  • Printed newsletters distributed at the rink or by US Mail
  • Phone tree
  • Blogs
  • Web Casts
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    Such communication should include, but not be limited to the following topics:
    1. Dates of tests
    2. Dates of competitions - open and regional
    3. TV schedules of amateur figure skating competitions
    4. Recognition of club members who pass tests and placement of members in competitions
    5. Fund raising activities
    6. Sale of used costumes and skating equipment
    7. Need for volunteers
    8. Board positions that will be open and require people to run for the position
    9. Date, time, and location of annual meeting
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