Common Health Issues
Skaters Experience

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Common Health Issues
affect Skaters

There are Common Childhood Health Issues that Ice Skaters also experience
Children can experience health issues that may result in serious life altering conditions; however, if parents utilize routine health screenings, they will be alerted to issues that require a physician to obtain corrective medical treatment and counseling if necessary.

       A health condition does not automatically mean this will precluded a child from participating in athletic activities at different levels, including an competitive level. However, such activities means having regular consultations with their pediatrician who, if necessary, make a referral to a specialist.

       All participation in physical training, sports, and recreational activities require careful monitoring and taking preventive measures to follow and maintain recommended physical fitness and nutritional guidelines.

       The following is a partial list of potential problems childhood ice skaters may experience:

  • Visual - symptoms, treatment - glasses or contact lens
  • Hearing - symptoms, treatment - hearing aid
  • Breathing:
    • Asthma - symptoms, treatment/medication, monitoring
    • Allergies - symptoms, treatment/medication, monitoring
  • Diabetes - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, diet, monitoring
  • Addiction:
    • Alcohol use - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, monitoring
    • Tobacco use - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, monitoring
    • Drug Abuse of prescription and illegal medications - symptoms, treatment/counseling, monitoring
    • Eating Disorders:
      • Bulimia - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, diet, monitoring
      • Anorexia - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, diet, monitoring
  • Personality Issues:
    • Stress - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, monitoring
    • Anxiety - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, monitoring
    • Self-esteem problems - symptoms, treatment/counseling, monitoring
  • Learning disabilities resulting from concussions experienced in football, headers in soccer, boxing, etc. - symptoms, treatment/medication, counseling, modified instructional approaches.
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Common Health Issues of Skaters
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