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Collegiate Synchronized Team Skating Programs

There are Colleges and Universities that have organized synchronized skating programs
    The following colleges and universities sponsor open collegiate and collegiate synchronized skating teams. These links allow you to quickly see it the school you are considering attending hosts a team. Schools with a junior varsity or varsity synchronized skating program may offer qualified skaters a scholarship.

    At the present time there are only two universities who offer synchro as a fully-funded varsity sport: Miami University of Ohio and Adrian College (in Michigan). A fully-funded sport is important because it translates into money for training, travel and competition expenses.

   The U.S. Figure Skating is working with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to designate synchronized skating an "emerging women's sport:, thus providing collegiate synchro with full NCAA status. This designation means scholarships, grants and a higher level of recognition for the sport and its athletes.

   There are approximately 36 collegiate and open collegiate teams in the U.S. Nine teams were profiled in the July 2009 issue of Synchronized Skating Magazine.  The nine mentioned were include:
  • Adrian College (varsity funded open collegiate), Adrian, Michigan
  • Western Michigan University (senior and collegiate), Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Miami University (varsity funded senior/collegiate/junior...and introducing Miami open collegiate), Oxford, Ohio
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (collegiate), Madison, Wisconsin
  • Oakland University (open collegiate), Rochester, Michigan
  • Princeton University (open collegiate), Princeton, New Jersey
  • University of Delaware (collegiate), Newark, Delaware
  • University of Colorado (open collegiate), Beautiful Boulder, Colorado
  • Michigan State University (collegiate), East Lansing, Michigan
     Collegiate teams may participate in intercollegiate and non-qualifying competitions. Teams can compete at the Sectional level (Eastern, Midwestern or Pacific) and top teams advance to the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships.  This level is judged under the IJS system.

    Open Collegiate teams may participate in intercollegiate and non-qualifying competitions, and may advance to Sectionals. These events are judged under the 6.0 system.

List of college and university synchronized skating programs in 2011


New synchronized-skating team hopes to gain varsity status at Qhio State
May 2, 2009 ... Members of the Ohio State synchronized-skating team, seak to gain status of a varsity sport.

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