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Collegiate Figure Skating Clubs

University and College Figure Skating Clubs
     Many colleges and universities located in cold climates have a formal wellness program that allows students to participation to form sports clubs so they may compete against other schools in curling, hockey, speed, and figure skating meets. Some winter sports may also have varsity and junior varsity NCAA programs.

   The goal of a collegiate figure skating club is to provide a vehicle so students may participate in the sport of figure skating as an extra-curricular "club" activity and possibly secure junior varsity or varsity sport status that they can letter in.

   Traditionally a member of the college or university faculty is not necessary to sponsor clubs dealing with subjects/topics such as Debate, Chess, Language (Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, etc.), 4-H, Irish Dancing, Yearbook, Student Newspaper, Student Radio/TV Studio, and other activities. This usually is the providence of the schools elected student government that collects fees and allocates funding to approved organizations.

Note: These college/university clubs usually do not have any affiliation with off campus groups and organizations. The clubs charge dues to support their activities to cover expenses not funded by student government grants.

The club may have a school faculty advisor who is an unpaid volunteer. The scope of the club's activities must be approved and are monitored by the school's student administration. Club charters can be revoked for conduct/activities deemed to be outside the scope of the club's application for approval.

The use of a meeting room is generally provided without charge if the meeting occurs during the regular school operating hours. Depending on school policy, meetings and practices that are held outside normal hours may have a fee charged to cover overtime for a custodian.

   Membership in a college club usually does not have any academic requirement. However, to compete, athletes must meet the academic grade requirements established by the school administration. The minimum academic performance per semester/quarter is usually a 2.0 grade point average. Skaters must submit copies of report grades after each semester to the skating team's coach.

Note: Skaters may take lessons from other coaches, but the club would normally
only pay travel expenses for the official team coach.

   Everyone attempting to secure a position on a sports team must have an annual physical before participating in tryouts. The completed and signed physical form must be turned in to the coach or athletic office.  Full time students can generally arrange a no or low fee physical at the school medical center.

Health and Wellness Services

   College and university varsity and junior varsity sports typically define the start of the sport's practice season and prevents a coach from organizing supplemental training seasons during the official season, as well as after the end of the official season.  There are also strict recruiting violations associated with benefits used to encourage athletes to transfer so they may play on a sports team.

NOTE:  It is not necessary to form a collegiate skating team to participate in USFS
Collegiate figure skating free skating, pairs, dance, or synchronized skating events.

University Interscholastic League
The University Interscholastic League (UIL) was established to provide vehicle for educational extra- curricular academic, athletic, and music contests. The UIL was created by The University of Texas at Austin in 1909 and continues to operate as part of the University of Texas, under the auspices of the Vice President for Diversity & Community Engagement.

PDF  Collegiate Skating Skating doesn't have to end after high school, it can continue as a collegiate competitive skater.

Team Registration
Student athletes are responsible for organizing their clubs on campus, and must register with their Student Activities Department, Athletic Department, or any other student organization where they can be recognized on campus.

By registering their club with U.S. Figure Skating, skaters become eligible to compete in intercollegiate team competitions and vie for a spot at the U.S. Intercollegiate Team Figure Skating Championships.

At the start of each fall semester, the team manager must register the team with the USFS. According to the USFS web site, the deadline to register your university or college for the
2010-11 collegiate skating season has passed. However, a personal message from Anna Meyer indicates -
"There are no set deadlines for registering a collegiate skating program. The 2011-2012 collegiate registration form is being updated and will be available shortly.

If collegiate programs have questions, please have them contact me directly or check out our website. Any information regarding registration will be available there."

Anna Meyer
U.S. Figure Skating
Athlete Development Coordinator
20 First Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Office: (719)-228-3422 
Fax: (719)-635-9548

Intercollegiate Skating
An official registration form for your college/university is being updated and will be posted
on the web site. Following completion of this form, an e-mail with the team number will be
sent within one week. This number must be provided at all collegiate competitions throughout
the season. All forms MUST be submitted online; no paper forms will be accepted.

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