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Public Skaters
Dress code for public sessions
What to Wear Ice Skating
When you are ice skating you need to remember that you will be on ice and that the building will be cold. Suggestions for how to dress when going ice skating.
  Dress code for anyone entering a rink depends if there is a viewing area that is heated or if seating is in the arena where the normal ambient temperature of the rink which can be quite cold and damp.

Skating Athletes
          Dress code varies according to the sport. Even active athletes will require a blanket or jacket for situations in which they are inactive for any extended period of time. Most facilties will have heated dressing/locker rooms where the atheletes can stretch and warmup their muscles in preparation to a brief on ice warmup. 

          In figure skating, sometimes the wait to perform can be more than 20 minutes. Large groups of skaters are broken up into smaller groups as specificed in the current season's USFS Rulebook.


The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
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Figure Skating Codes of Conduct
  Hockey Skating Codes of Conduct
PDF  Practice Session Code for Skaters
PDF  How to Dress For Figure Skating
Code of Conduct for Coaches
Code of Conduct for Players
Code of Conduct for Parents
Code of Conduct for Spectators

Recreational Ice Skating
Codes of Conduct Public Skaters
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