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Code for Hockey Coaches
    Coaches are expected to support the sport of figure skating, both on and off the ice, at the skating facility and whenever possible when in the community to promote participation in the sport of Figure Skating and also to help create a safe and positive sporting environment for all, by abiding by the following Code of Conduct:

Visiting Hockey and Home Ice Coaches must:

➢    Treat ice rink employees and all other visitors with care and respect. The use of abusive,
         threatening, dangerous, criminal or violent behavior and foul or abusive language is not
         permitted anywhere in the building or grounds.

All Hockey Coaches must:

➢    Place the well being and safety of the young person above the development of performance
        and follow all guidelines laid down by the USFA.  Coaches must ensure they are working at a
        level commensurate with their coaching qualifications and that they are insured, along with
        supporting the code of ethics and all policies established by the Rinks Operators Association,
        the Ice Skating Institute, and the USFS.

➢    Young people need to look up to and respect their coach so it is important for coaches to lead
        by example that is be-yond reproach.

➢    Never overtly criticize other performers’ or officials’ judgment or use language or gestures,
        which may cause a young person to lose selfesteem or confidence, and respect for their

➢    Insist on fair and disciplined skating. Always promote the positive aspects of sport and never
        condone or participate in rules violation, bad sportsmanship, the use of foul and abusive
        language, the use of sectarian language and banter, the use of prohibited substances, the use of
        gestures, emblems, flags or salutes which could be interpreted as provocative.

➢    Create a safe and enjoyable environment in which to train and compete. Display high standards
        of personal behavior and appearance and respect for the skating facilities and equipment.

➢    Never upset the skater by ridiculing or shouting for making mistakes or not performing well in
        a skating competition. Be generous with your praise as and when it is deserved.

➢    Be fully aware of ice facilities emergency procedures and reporting procedures and follow
        these at all times.  In particular ensure that there is access to first aid equipment.

➢    Coaches must ensure they teach the skaters the "Rules of Skating", these must be mutual    
        agreements, which everyone must abide to.

➢    Never push the skater to the point of exhaustion; be reasonable in your demands for the
        skater’s time, energy and enthusiasm.

➢    Remember the objective of skating is for fun and enjoyment; skill learning and skating for fun
        are more important than competition.

➢    Constantly upgrade and review coaching principles and methods by attending coaching
        courses and seminars, learning the principles of growth and development of young people.

➢    Never appear at the rink or participate in any activities hosted at the rink under the influence of
        alcohol and/or drugs.

Non-compliance will result in formal action being taken against the offender.  Continued non-compliance will result in termination of their contract and being barred from the facility.


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