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Choreography and Presentation

Choreography and Presentation skills are evaluated in selecting winners in some sports
       Not all types of sporting activities can evaluated by tape measures, stop watches, or photo finishes. Figure skating is one of the sports in which subjective standards are used by judges to determine a winner. With the increase of ice rinks that operate 12 months, skaters have an opportunity to achieve greater technical skills and also to develop their program's choreography and presentation skills.

       In the 6.0 judging system a technical and presentation mark are awarded by judges.  In the International Judging System (IJS), each technical element is given a Grade of Execution (ranging from a +3 to a -3) and five program component marks that are awarded in .25 increments from 0.25 to 10.

       Most skaters who place in the top three of an event usually receive marks that are relatively equal for their technical and presentation performance. Serious inequities occur when the skater fails to skate well and poorly performs the required elements which may include one or more falls. Some skaters don't develop their technical and performance skills equally. The tendency is for younger skater to ignore developing their performance skills in favor of practicing their jumps and/or spins.

       The following resource articles discuss efforts to introduce performance skills into a well balanced and choreographed figure skating program.

Recommended Reading:


Lehigh Valley Performing Arts Programs In addition, skating academic courses are offered in rules/standards, skating history, choreography and program construction. In all artistic and academic

Choreography: Figure Skating's hidden edge |  Jan. 11, 2007  That's why good choreography — the music and steps that make up a program — is so vital to the success of today's finest skaters.

PDF Choreography & Style on ice, and in educating the public that it is the role of a choreo- grapher to introduce drama and expression in a skater's program.

CBS SportsLine - Why can't skating be performance art, too? An emphasis on choreography and presentation instead of triple jumps. ... gliding qualities and edge work specific to figure skating, and the choreography ...

"Choreography Expression and Style!" by Figure Skating In this article, the author gives some thoughts on figure skating choreography. The initial impression is obviously based on presentation and image.

Program Components versus Presentation   In addition to the ISU Special Regulations Figure Skating 2002, I have consulted two ... originality of program concept, and originality of choreography.

FAQ - Ballet Secrets for Skaters  A Russian trained dancer, choreographer and instructor, Barbara Denise has conducted presentations booked for the Ice Skating Institute.

The Components of Choreography - Everything Figure Skating May 31, 2011  Why is Ballet training Important for figure skaters?  Skating skills are the foundation of every skater's presentation.

Figure Skating - CBS SportsLine  One of the most popular topics in figure skating commentary these days is the issue of ... Instead, the presentation mark is effectively a second technical mark. The steps and movements selected by their choreographer ought to shout out the theme to the audience.


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