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     A major problem of any sports/recreational facility is filling the dead time when young athletes are in school.  Some athletes reside in a community whose schools have a positive attitude towards being flexibly in scheduling classes to allow the athletes to train during these under utilized week day periods by providing credit physical education school credit.

    In some communities the athletes may choose to participate in home schooling or attending a Charter School that encourages the development of students in programs that support students with a major emphasis in athletic and performing arts programs while earning academic units towards admission in college and universities.

    Starting a charter school can be a complex process, yet given the right resources and information, the process can be simplified.

Assistance in forming Charter Schools -
    The opening, operation, and supervision of charter schools are governed by state law. Currently forty states and the District of Columbia have a charter school law, but the rules and regulations vary from one to another. Ten states do not have a charter school law: Alabama, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

    Anyone interested in starting a charter school should visiting the Department of Education web site of the state to learn more about a state's charter school law and charter application guidelines. The following is a brief list with general and comparative information about charter schools -

Charter School General Information - Resources (CA Dept. of Ed    
Sept. 20, 2010 ... What is a charter school and information on how to start a charter school.

Network of Charter Schools (INCS) - Starting a Charter School
    How to start a charter school in Illinois from the INCS.

Arizona - How to Start a Charter School in Arizona

California - Starting a Charter School
     Starting a charter school in California. Starting a charter school requires a considerable amount of planning time prior to opening the school doors.

Colorado - Starting a Charter School
     Charter school law in Colorado was designed to support grassroots efforts to open new and innovative charter school.

Georgia Department of Education - Charter Schools
     Starting a Charter School in Georgia · List of Georgia Charter Schools

Florida - Starting a Charter School - Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools
     If you are just getting started, please refer to How to Start a Charter School in Florida published by the Office of Independent Education and Parental ...

Idaho State Department of Education - How to Start a Charter ...
     How to Start a Charter School. From Vision to Implementation: Public charter schools are recognized in national and international education circles

City of Indianapolis Sample Charter School Agreement
     Starting a Charter School. Charter School Guidebook · Sample Charter School Agreement · Charter School Application Packet · Charter School & Management

    Starting A Charter School: A Social Entrepreneurial Activity. Since Minnesota's charter school law was enacted in 1991, it is clear that there are things that "social entrepreneurs" can and must do in order to have a high probability of success in creating and sustaining a charter school of quality.

New York City - How to Start a Charter School
     One of the ways the New York City Charter School Center contributes to sustaining a high quality charter school sector is by helping schools develop their plans, secure their charters, and prepare for opening their doors.

North Carolina Charter Schools
     The mission of the Office of Charter Schools is to provide leadership and ... assistance to people interested in starting a public charter school.

Ohio - Starting a School in Ohio
     For information about how to start a charter school in Ohio.

How to Start a Charter School | Dance Teacher
     For dance educators who dream big, starting a charter school is the ultimate way to expose a broad range of students to the performing arts.

US Charter Schools
    The legal definition of a charter school can vary according by state. Consult a specific state's charter school law using the US Charter Schools State Profiles area.

    The procedure for starting a charter school differs from that of a public school, due to the variations in the regulating laws.  Charter schools are regulated by the school district in which the charter will operate. A startup charter school begins as a part of existing school district before becoming a full fledged charter school. This is because starting a charter school needs years of planning prior to implementation.

    The Maryland Charter School Founder's Manual, 2nd Edition is an indispensable resource guide about Starting a charter school or passing a charter school law in states that have not created rules and regulations to establish, fund, and operate a charter school.

    Electronic access to educational options of charter school programs allows flexibility to train at off peak daytime hours.  K12 Virtual Academy and Connections Academy  offer a variety of opportunities provided by accredited virtual schools for students. These examples provide students the ability to live at home and participate in an online public school or private tuition based school offered online.  These options did not exist prior to high speed Internet access.

    Students receive a quality, individualized, K–12 education through the use of the latest technology, a proven curriculum, and highly qualified teachers. Such programs are better suited to individuals who are very goal oriented. STudents who required a very structured learning involvement may experience difficulty flustering in this self directed environment.

Physical Fitness and Wellness Elementary through High School

Physical and Academic Goals of School Age Athletes
    There needs to be a balance between providing students with an opportunity to achieve their full academic potential and participating in sports.

Before and After School Age Child Care (SACC) and Preschool Child Care
    Scholarships are  available to eligible families of licensed fee based before and after school programs, plus summer summer camps.  Programs are available to students who are 5-12 years old.  Registration is with individual providers.

Programs to supervise activities of school age children before and after school.
   Many young skaters lack a parent being present while they are practicing at the rink. A program for these skaters can be organized along the line of the before and after school child care programs offered by the YMCASalvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Center, public schools or other community groups such as Boys & Girls Clubs.

Preschool Child Care - Head Start and Early Childhood Education and Assistance programs
Free services and support to eligible children and their families. The goal of both programs is to help ensure all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed. The program includes:
  • Early learning preschool
  • Family support and parent involvement
  • Child health coordination and nutrition

Academy for Educational Development  A nonprofit organization working globally to improve education, health, civil society and economic development.
    Childhood Developmental Projects  and  After School Age Child Care   Most of the research has dealt with the benefits of regular attendance, in quality after school programs, yielding a range of positive developmental outcomes for school age children. The quality of school age care quality improvements have been involved with school based and center based care facilities and licensed providers.
Besides before and after school child care, there are day and week long summer child care camps. These camps are fee based with scholarships available to eligible families. Programs are available to students who are 5-12 years old.  Registration is with individual providers.

Before & After School Child Care Programs in Huntington Beach ...   The Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley, CA is the largest provider of before and after school child care programs for school age children.

Community Before & After School Child Care Program, Albany, NY  The Community Before & After School Child Care Program (CAP) is a safe, structured, quality environment for elementary age children and their families

Before/After School Programs & No School Days   YCare, the YMCA's before and after school care, offers a curriculum that ... YMCA No School Days provides affordable, quality child care for school age kids

Before and After School Care - Lake Washington School District    Before school programs begin at 7 a.m. and continue through the start of the school day, while after school programs begin at the end of school day and end at 6:30 p.m.

Academy for Educational Development  A nonprofit organization working globally to improve education, health, civil society and economic development.

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  • PDF In the last year or two the general public has ... begun to develop schools for those students  who may be served better by the concept of a Continuation School to better serve unconventional educational needs , but does not include chronic truants or disciplinary problems.

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Prioritize an Athletes Education
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Home Schooling in California
Orange County High School of the Arts
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Athlete Dormitory Facilities
Nurturing A Figure Skater

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