The Fun of Figure Skating
by Maribel Vinson Owen

Chap. 1 Equipment

Chap. 2 First Strokes
    First Time
    Double Sculling
    Pushing Off
    Forward Stroking
    Forward Crossovers
    Skating Backward
    Back Crossovers

Chap. 3 Basic Edges
    F. Inside Spirals
    F. Outside Spirals
    Spread Eagles
    Back Outside Spirals
    Back Inside Spirals
    Inside Mohawks
    Forward Outside 3's

Chap. 4 Four Rolls
    Forward Outside Rolls
    Forward Inside Rolls
    Back Outside Rolls
    Back Inside Rolls
    Waltz Eight
    Man's 10-Step

Chap. 5 School Figures
    Forward Outside 8
    Forward Inside 8
    Preliminary Test
    Back Outside 8
    Forward Changes
    USFSA First Test

Chap. 6 Completing Fundamental Figures 
    Back Inside 8
    Forward Outside 3s
    Back Changes
    Forward Inside 3s
    Basic Theory

Chap. 7 Free Skating
    Basic Spirals
    Dance Steps
    Basic Spins
    Basic Jumps
    Free Skating Program

Chap. 8 Ice Dances
    Dutch Waltz
    Fiesta Tango
    Fourteen Step
    American Waltz

Chap. 9 Skater

Source - 
World Figure Skating

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Chapter 4. Four Rolls -
Back Outside Rolls

The outside backward roll (Illus. 22) is done exactly as you did the OB spiral from the crossover stroke. The only difference is that this time you must start from rest. The standing back starts (Illus. 21) are tricky at first, but if you take care to do the foot movements, the balancing, and the timing as I outline, you will soon have a smooth and powerful pushoff.

Stand so that you are facing down the line you are using as the dividing line for your rolls (21-drawing). Place your right toe on the line and stand firmly on your left skate, which should be parallel to, but 18 to 24 inches to the left of, the line. Place your left arm in front of you and your right out to the side. Now as you draw your right foot over to your left, bend both knees deeply (21-1). Pivot at once to the left on your left skate and, as you do so, start to straighten the knee and push from the inside edge (21-2). As your body completes a quarter-turn in this counterclockwise direction, bring your right foot (which meanwhile has remained still) straight down under you, toe on the line but skate at a right angle to it (21-3). As your right foot hits the ice, transfer all your weight onto it leaning hard right. Your left skate, which has by now completed the push, lifts and moves directly on top of the print in front of your skating foot (21-4), just as in your regular back stroke.

Hold this deep back "sitting" position (22-1, 5) (hips square, free arm forward, skating arm back and head looking inside the circle over it) for three counts (22-1), then change position, as for the OB spiral, on the counts of 4, 5, 6. Be partic­ularly careful to maintain your lean to the right as you change position (22-2, 3). By the same token, be careful to change your lean to the left as you bend together and change to the RIB edge of your next pushoff (22-4). In this way you will start the left outside edge with your skating hip well in under you and a good lean already established (22-5). Do not move your head, arms, shoulders except at the halfway point on each semicircle. Pushing should be exclusively from the hips down.