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Building Confidence

Are you confident?
        A confident person is someone who  possesses a positive self awareness. He/she knows their limitations and attempt to achieve more than what they were previously able to achieve or accomplish.

        A mature attitude towards people and yourself produces a positive expectancy. A genuine positive mental attitude is a reflection of a person's internal characteristics of traits such as self-awareness, self-confidence, self-acceptance, self-respect and self-reliance.

        The process of the sense of positive self-awareness starts with defining the goals you want to achieve and how to accomplish these goals. Self-awareness allows an individual to use their talents and energies as a full expression of the potential that can be realized. Believing in yourself is derived from the supreme confidence in both present and future abilities. A positive attitude helps to be victorious over fears that come with the  realization of personal inadequacies that give rise to self doubts and fear of not achieving goals.

        Choosing to accept your strengths, weaknesses, assets, and liabilities provides the foundation of self-acceptance that  helps to be free yourself from guilt feelings and discouragement. This will energize the drive and motivation to achieve your full potential.

       Setting goals is the first step of creating an “Action Plan” to identify and overcome natural fears. Fear is a completely normal and healthy emotion that are associated with being unprepared for expected situations or are suddenly confronted with unexpected situations. Dealing with identifiable fears can be accomplished by setting goals and using visualization. The goal-setting process helps you gain mastery over fear by anticipating problems and formulating readily available solutions.

       Self-esteem is reflective of one's opinion and perception about oneself. High levels of personal esteem enhance someone's ability to actively create a life based on pursuit of natural passions, health and happiness, and meaningful connections.

       People who desire to boost self-esteem should first assess their baseline sense of personal image, power and courage. Questions to consider regarding personal esteem levels include the following:

  • "Am I worthy enough?"
  • "Do I love myself?"
  • "Can I set boundaries with others?"
  • "Do I respect myself?"
  • "Do I stand up for myself?"
  • "Am I deserving of receiving good?"
  • "Am I capable of overcoming challenges?"
  • "Can I cope well with stress?"
  • "Am I trustworthy and likable?"
  • "Are my thoughts, feelings, and actions positive?"
  • "Do I make healthy, confident choices?"

       Self-awareness is the initial key in determining one's degree of esteem. A balanced, consistent sense of healthy personal image and confidence should be the goal of those seeking to improve self-esteem.


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