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Basic Skills Bridge Program
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      The instruction that the Basic Skating Skills program provides has been developed by professional coaches and trainers.  Many of the suggestions can be accomplished without the assistance of paid coaches or trainers, but benefit from supervision and support by parents.

     The following articles provide a comprehensive view into the world of figure skating for beginners and their parents:

Mission Statement
Bridge Program - Figure Skating 101

Warm-Up, Stretching, Cool-Down, Jump Rope, Creating Power

Moves in the Field (MITF)

Spin and Jump Curriculum
Spin Classes
Jump Classes

Free Skate Lesson Plans
    Free Skate 1
    Free Skate 2
    Free Skate 3
    Free Skate 4
    Free Skate 5
    Free Skate 6

Ice Dance Curriculum

Artistry in Motion Curriculum

Synchronized Team Skating

Nutrition Information

Goal Setting


Parent Education

The Articles from the USFS Basic Skills Bridge Program are provided with the permission of

Susi Wehrli-McLaughlin
Senior Director of Membership
U.S. Figure Skating

The mission of U.S. Figure Skating is to provide programs to encourage
participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.




The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

   Learn to Skate Program
Table of Contents - Basic Skills Bridge Program Handbook
USFS Basic Skills
Basic Skating Skill Classes
Basic Skating Skills Program
Badge Levels - ISI & Basic Skills
Basic Skills Competitions
ISI & Basic Skills Competitions
Test and Competition Strategies
Transferable Skating Skills
Basic Skating Skills Q &A Topics
Figure Skating Development Programs
The Sport of Figure Skating
Figure Skating Disciplines
Free Skating
Ice Dancing
Pair Skating
Synchronized Team Skating
Artistic, Interpretive, & Showcase Events
Theater On Ice Events

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