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Beliefs that Limit Potential

       Limiting beliefs are mental constrains that can physically affect the person who has acquired this type of belief system, but frequently their effect extends to everyone who comes into contact with the individual. Getting rid of limiting beliefs is an essential process that must happen for success to occur. Without the elimination of limiting beliefs, the affected person will have to live below his/her full potential.

The First Step of getting rid of limiting beliefs is to understand how they are acquired
       You can't get rid of limiting beliefs until you understand how people acquire them. Only then will you be able to start the process to reverse/remove them:
  • People try to fill the gaps: Humans are very curious creatures and, as soon as they are faced with concept or phenomenon that they don't comprehend, will start forming limiting and false beliefs. To get rid of limiting beliefs, you must not make any decision or draw any conclusions without first acquiring enough knowledge to make an informed decision based on precepts that clearly support your position.

  • Lack of knowledge results in limiting beliefs: When communicating visually (person to person) it is extremely important to understand how to interpret body language to compare if the exchange of vocal communication is correctly interpreted. Sort of a truth or falsehood detector.
  • Limiting beliefs spread like colds: It is necessary to take steps to prevent being exposed to a limiting belief as counteracting exposure to limiting beliefs requires considerable effort that can be put to better use.
Steps to get rid of limiting beliefs
      Most people are mislead and living of life of lies because of acquiring limiting beliefs. Not succeeding is not because they lack any of the necessary desirable qualities, but from the limiting beliefs that fill their mind and forces them to accept living below their potential.

      The majority's opinion does not make their position correct, in fact frequently their positions are totally or partially incorrect. Questions the facts on which all opinions are based and never formulate any conclusions before acquiring all of the facts.


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