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Basic Skills Curriculum
USFSA Sponsors The Basic Skating Skills "Learn to Skate" Program.
      The Bridge Basic Skills Program curriculum provides an introduction of forward and backward stroking, skating on edges, executing turns, and stops from slow to fast speeds.

       No previous experience in skating is necessary; however, an individual should have average physical fitness and coordination for their age. The group classes are designed for skaters for whom this will be their first time or who have limited skating skills.

       Skaters will be divided by skill groups to accommodate skaters who have had some previous skating experience.

       The concept is to build on a skater's basic ability to perform edges and turns when they have reached that level of skill development to exploring basic figure skating concepts of jumping and spinning to music or  pursue group classes that focus on developing their hockey or speed skating skills.

       The curriculum listed below is designed to help introduce the principles involved in more advanced group classes.

       Depending of the skill levels of some groups and the amount of time allocated per session, skaters may review previous lessons and only work on one new principle element (task) per session.

      Some group class programs may also offer off ice instruction to maximize the value of the on-ice time.

Group Class Curriculum -

Basic 1

1. Forward two foot glide
2. Forward two foot swizzles 6 -8 in a row
3. Forward snowplow stop
4. Backward wiggles 6-8 in a row

Basic 2
1. Forward one foot glide - either foot
2. Forward alternating ½ swizzle pumps, in a straight line -across width of ice
3. Two foot turn in place forward to backward
4. Backward two foot swizzles 6 - 8 in a row
5. Moving snowplow stop

Basic 3
1. Forward stroking
2. Forward ½ swizzle pumps on a circle, either clockwise or counter clockwise 6 - 8 consecutive
3. Moving forward to backward two foot turn - either direction
4. Backward one foot glide - either foot
5. Two foot spin

Basic 4
1. Forward outside three turn - R & L from a standstill
2. Forward outside edge on a circle clockwise or counter clockwise
3. Forward crossovers 6-8 consecutive both directions
4. Backward stroking
5. Backward snowplow stop - R or L

Basic 5:
1. Backward outside edge on a circle clockwise or counterclockwise
2. Backward crossovers 6-8 consecutive - both directions
3. One foot spin - minimum of three revolutions
4. Hockey stop
5. Side Toe hop -either direction

Basic 6:
1. Forward inside three turn - R & L from a standstill
2. Bunny Hop
3. Forward spiral on a straight line - R or L
4. Lunge - R or L
5. T-stop - R or L

Basic 7:
1. Forward inside open Mohawk - R to L and L to R
2. Ballet Jump - either direction
3. Back crossovers to a back outside edge landing position clockwise and counter clockwise
4. Forward inside pivot

Basic 8:
1. Moving forward outside or forward inside three turns R & L
2. Waltz jump
3. Mazurka - either direction
4. Combination move - clockwise or counter clockwise – two forward crossovers into FI  Mohawk, step behind, step into one back crossover and step to a forward inside edge
5. Beginning one-foot upright spin - optional free foot position

     The Basic Skating Skills Curriculum includes the following classes:
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Learn to Skate Program

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