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Structured Basic Skating Courses

The Basic Skating Course consists of a series of structured courses from Beginner through Advanced
       The classes are designed to be taken progressively from the beginning through the advanced classes.

Select a Class
for which the child has the necessary qualifications and experience
       Skaters can be enrolled in group classes that range from no experience to advanced. These classes are offered by the local ice rink and sanctioned by the Ice Skating Institute and/or the United States Figure Skating Association.  Advancement depends on the skater having a pair of skates that properly support their ankles and have several extra sessions to practice between lessons.

       Many parents may may decide to engage a staff coach for private lessons as they perceive their child to progress faster with more individual attention. Sometimes this is true but don't ignore the fact that children often try hardier when they feel they need to be as good or better than their classmates.

       The beginning group skating classes are either taught by Professional Skating Association ranked coaches or by USFS skaters who are sixteen years of age and have passed their Novice MITF tests,
Some may actually have entered qualifying Novice regional, sectional, and national USFS competitions. Such skaters may be certified as Basic Skills Instructors by host USFS club sponsoring the Basic Skills Courses as being proficient in the elements being taught in the class to serve as demonstrators and instructors. 

       There are Associated On-Line self paced educational modules designed to allow parents to print materials and establish a dialog with coaches, judges, and other skating parents that frequently is difficult to establish without an opportunity associate with other parents before or after the workshop classes.

Registration Information

       The weekly series of classes meet once a week for eight weeks. The schedule, topics and fees will be posted on the club web site.

       Registration is for a limited period prior to the start of the 8-weeks of classes. A skater may makeup a class if there is another scheduled class and there is room. Walkons are allowed, also limited to space available.

       Registration is open to all home club members. USFS Basic Skills and ISI members of other clubs may enroll if space is available.

       A current membership is required for all ISI and USFS skaters who wish to participate.  

       The registration fee is $100* for 8 classes.  Discounts will be offered for skaters taking multiple workshops.  These discounts will be available to home club and Basic Skill members as well as ISI members at the sponsoring rink. *Note: Skating fees are subject to negations with rink management for ice rental.

       Vouchers will be available to home club skaters. Service credits will be provided to club volunteers in appreciation for their efforts in making the club open competition a success.

Class Schedule

       Depending on enrollment, classes are planned for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings during the summer vacation. A schedule will be posted by May 1.
       If you have comments and suggestions, please send them to

Program Development

The Fun of Figure Skating - Introduction

Tips for Skaters

Prevention of Injuries to Athletes


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