General Skating

Back One Foot Slalom Edging

Workshop Lesson Plan




Backward Slalom One Foot Edging in a straight line.

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability develop backward power in a straight line on one foot. 

Start with a series of two footed slalom pushes to acquire backward speed and then pick up the right or left foot.  Continue the slalom motion while maintaining an erect body and controlled arm/shoulder positions. Repeat on opposite foot.

The knees act a shock absorber to cushion the force of the sharp turns much as the action of a skier performing a downhill slalom event.

  • Equal One Footed Backward Slalom Pushes on the Right and Left Foot
  • Small Curves to the Left and Right in an Even Tempo
  • Smooth Forward Progression
  • Posture/Form
  • Evenly distributed weight and bend knees.
  • Use a twisting movement of knees and feet to produce speed in a straight line .
  • The body should be in a natural position and not bending forward at waist.
  • An ability to perform sustained slalom edging should be observed.
  • Head should be up, with a nice erect back.
  • Hands should be held out to the side at waist level.
  • Knee bend rises and falls with the changes of direction of the curves.

  • Increasing the depth of the slalom curves (edging) and reducing the rhythmic tempo of the knee action will increase backward speed.
  • Teach pushing movement of feet using the barrier – emphasize upper body posture.
  • From a standing position, begin with both feet parallel on the ice and perform a twisting  movement with the blade, knees, and hips. After gaining speed, lift one foot while continuing the twisting motion. Repeat lifting opposite foot. 
  • Using a slower tempo, gradually deepen the curves of the backward Slalom edges to gain additional speed.


Forward two foot Slalom edging is performed in the Cha Cha Dance.