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Attracting & Retaining Volunteers

When an organization has limited funding, it is dependent upon Volunteer management & Staffing
       Volunteers are an extremely important part of planning and carrying out the operations of every nonprofit organization. When people visit your organization's website, is it obvious how much volunteers are valued? Does the website provide an easy way to learn how to become a club volunteer

        The first challenge is to identify and train new individuals. The second should be easier, but often an organization experiences difficulties in the retention of knowledgeable individuals who will champion the organization’s mission. The process involves the following steps:
  • Identifying new volunteers,
  • Discovering their talents and areas of interests,
  • Providing training and help to succeed, 
  • Recognizing and rewarding their efforts. 
       The organization's web page should assist in fulfilling the above steps.  It is this volunteer community that infuses the organization with new ideas and helps it to continuously become self renewing. The following suggestions are designed to get your organization quickly to begin recruiting volunteers:
  • Web Links - The volunteer page link should be visible and easily accessible.  Include the link in a side or navigation bar so visitors are inclined to click on it.
  • Incorporate Images - Color still and video images are worth a thousand words in inviting others to join in and become a volunteer.  Make sure someone is responsible for taking photos during your events for future public relations promotions. Include captions, locations, and names (if permitted by volunteers) to identify events.
  • Social Media - Target younger members by linking to social media accounts (facebook, twitter and Pinterest) hosted by your organization.   Include information about what your organization and specific individuals are doing.
  • Video - Use short videos or slideshows to introduce potential volunteers to your organization's:
    • Mission,
    • Needs,
    • Expected of volunteers,
    • A look into a day of volunteering for your organization.
  • Spotlight Efforts -  The public relations committee should develop articles about current volunteers. Post articles, specific quotes, and/or soundbites that can be featured on the organization's website.
  • Donations - Not everyone may have the time or energy to become a volunteer; however, after visiting your web page, may want to show their support with a donation. Don't miss this vital opportunity for a link to donate to your group/organization.
  •  Volunteer Recognition - Demonstrate how much your organization appreciates the essential volunteer services that individuals provide by acknowledging different volunteers each month.  Post photos from an appreciation party, or displaying a picture of a VIV (Very Important Volunteer).
  • Questions and Answers -  Post a calendar with dates requiring volunteer volunteers to staff club sponsored functions. List experience and job descriptions of specific duties. They potential volunteers what they can expect from the experience. Clearly state whether back ground checks or other formalities are required when applying as a volunteer. List contact information for volunteer coordinators. If there are incentives, list them. For example - free T-shirts.
  • Progress updates -  The volunteer webpage should illustrate the projects your organization is doing.  Let visitors to your web site know the value of the benefits to club members and the community.
  • Online Sign Up:  Provide a link to that provides infformation about the vacent positions and a volunteer sign-up sheet so people can get involved with a click!  Make sure that this information is followed up by an e-mail response and a personal phone call.
The Basics of Managing Volunteers
        Basic volunteer management involves how your organization plans its service projects and will significantly affect the success of your volunteer recruitment. Retaining current volunteers is the best way to increase your volunteer base.

        Experienced volunteers who have been in charge of projects should prepare a manual of what tasks need to be performed and a time flow chart of what needs to be accomplished to insure that the parts are coordinated and come together by understanding how past mistakes and problems were handled.

        The key is to anticipate problem areas and have plans to prevent or mitigate problems. A well organized approach has the best chance of making volunteers feel good about themselves and their service.


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