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Athlete Dormitory Facilities

Private schools provide an option of residdential boarding and day students
      College prep schools have long offered strong sports programs besides a strenuous academic curriculum. In cold winter climate ice hockey and skiing were popular winter sports. Most of these school are exclusively male or female students and involvement in athletes was considered an excellent way to handle excess energy.

Private enterprise offers a solution by combining boarding with sports training
      The Broadmoor Hotel and World Ice Arena in Colorado Springs, CO attracted skaters for summer sessions. Many skaters resided at the Mayhurst, a 3 story rooming house that boarded skaters*. Over the years many school age skaters stayed for the winter and attended school at the Cheyenne Mountain School District. Mayhurst was about six blocks away from the rink. Skaters would walk up a hill to the the lake and around it to the rink. It made for a long cold walk on winter mornings and evening skating sessions.

*Spencer Penrose acquired the property and contents of the “Mayhurst” house  from Annie May in October 1918. It consisted of 12 rental rooms on the second floor, 4 on the third floor and 10 cottages. “Mayhurst” was originally used as housing for hotel employees and cost $2 a week in 1919. When The Ice Palace (Broadmoor World Arena) opened in 1938 it was also used for skater housing as well. New housing for employees "Holly Hall" was constructed in 1947.

Lake Placid Summer Figure Skating Programs   Lake Placid is home of the oldest summer figure program. Dorm style supervised housing is available at the Olympic Training Center in the winter and summer. Please call 518-523-1655 for more information.

      Besides skater lodges and athlete boarding rooms clustered around rinks, such as the Broadmoor and Lake Placid, coaches sometimes provide care for skaters for the summer and even on a year round basis. The athlete's family would be charged separately for ice fees and lessons, plus a separate fee for room and board, laundry, and parents would provide an allowance for incidental expenses. Essentially the athletes become part of the family and be expected to accept and obey the family rules.

      Coaches or the local skating club may arrange for the families of other athletes to accept boarders using the rules outlined for residing with a coach's family.

      Some familys may choose the option to rent housing in the area and have one parent relocate with the minor athlete. Generally the other parent remains at the existing home to earn the funds to support the athletes training and living expenses.

Educational alternatives to traditional public schools
      There are several other options such as independent school curriculums, which includes home schooling, enrolling in a charter/satellite performing arts public school or sending the athlete to a private facility that provides the training opportunities, education, and supervised residential room and board. The latter is the more expensive and usually requires both parents to work to pay the training expenses plus room, board, athletic equipment, ice fees, and coaching expenses.

Private College Preparatory Schools
      There are an increasing number of private college preparatory schools that offer access to athletes who live at home and also to out of the area students who require residental room and board. The following are
suggested features for a residental dormitory:
  • Twenty-four hour closed-circuit surveillance cameras monitor every entrance and exit of the facility.
  • Resident dorm manager.
  • A key card required for entry into the building, gain access to the dormitory rooms, and to operate the elevator.
  • Individual rooms equipped with private bath.  Maid service is available for an extra fee. Athletes are responsible for providing and washing bedding and towels/wash cloths. They also are responsible for providing personal hygiene items - soap, shampoo, hair spray, tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, etc.
  • Recreational room equipped withfoosball, ping-pong table, pool table, card tables
  • Internet access provide to each dorm room.
  • Lounge with HD TV and expanded programing service - no home box office or showtime access. X rated channels blocked.
  • Central kitchen for scheduled food service - no cooking in rooms.  24 hour snack machines with refrigerated and frozen snacks, hot and cold beverages, toaster, blender and microwave oven.
  • Laundry room with coin operated washers and driers.
      Features will vary according to the ages of the athletes and the amount of direct supervision deemed appropriate to satisfy parents and insurance agencies for liability protection.

An example of a commerically constructed and managed dormitory is the Iorio Arena which houses two ice sheets and a fully-furnished dormitory.

College and University Housing - general student body and athletes
      College and universities have experience dealing with dealing with potential problems with on and off campus student housing.

Findlay College Prep, at the Henderson International School, with comprehensive academic, athletic, and artistic programs for students in pre-school through 12th grade.

St. Albert Sports City, Edmonton Canada provides some of North America's most comprehensive athletic development opportunities through Athletes Nation Performance Centre, a leader in Canadian athletic development. The seven top calibre sports facilities in the major sports complex includes: hockey and ringette players, figure skaters, baseball and softball players, football and rugby players, soccer, tennis and golf athletes.

To attract and accommodate world class athletes, it was considered essential that the middle and high school athletes be provided on-site schooling and living residences.  Incorporated into the St. Albert Sports City design is an academy with grades 7-12 and dormitories for those athletes attending from outside the Greater Edmonton Area. Every efforts has been made to have the best training and high-level competition facilities available.

World and Olympic Class Athlete Training Facilities
PDF Chula Vista CA Training Center  Initially funded by ARCO, the petroleum company. The Chula Vista U.S. Olympic Training Center is the first year-round, warm-weather, master-planned USOC training facility. Athletes can receive medical care and particpate in nine Olympic sports - archery, canoe/kayak, cycling, field hockey, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis, and track & field. 69 dorm rooms, food services

U.S. Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs | Team USA
The U.S. Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs is the headquarters for the U.S. ... Phase II facilities - a state-of-the-art sports medicine and sport science.

United States Olympic Committee - Wikipedia, the free ...
Each individual Olympic Sport has a National Governing Body, .... The US Olympic Rowing Team Training Facility is located at Lake Mercer in Mercer County

U.S. Olympic Education Center (USOEC)
Twenty-nine Olympic sports have trained at the USOEC at Northern Michigan University.
     NMU and USOEC campus facilities -
Whiteface Lake Placid Olympic Facilities Olympic Center
It was at the Olympic Center, in 1980, that the US men's hockey team ... to life Lake Placid's miraculous history as the world's winter sports capital. ... The Olympic Center runs a variety of programs for figure skaters.

Welcome to the National Training Center
The National Training Center is a 300-acre sports, health, fitness and education campus which is unique not only throughout the state of Florida, but also throughout the world. The NTC unites world-class sports and athletic facilities with a hospital, medical office buildings, community college and four-year University. A full array of physicians, medical specialists, nurses, athletic trainers, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, exercise specialists, personal trainers, coaches, and instructors create a winning team for the individuals who work-out and train here.

From scientifically based research & sports science to state-of-the-art fitness center & aquatic center, track & field complex, cross-country course, multi-purpose athletic fields, and softball/baseball quadraplex, the NTC is dedicated to making a difference in the health and well-being of individuals at all athletic levels and stages of life.

All-Star Sports Provides Advanced Sports Training for Top Athletes
Paisley, FL facilities. All-Star Sports Camps takes pride in our state-of-the-art facility, offers comfortable dormitories with space for 36 students

College Athlete Living Facilities
West Texas A&M’s newest residence hall is Buff Hall. The facility features “super suites” for 176 upperclassmen. Each suite has a common living area, a mini-kitchen equipped with a full-size refrigerator, and four private bedrooms and two baths. Each bedroom offers Internet and cable-TV access. The hall also has laundry facilities, group study room, multimedia room, full kitchen and wireless Internet. Juniors, seniors and graduate students will have priority in reserving space at the facility.

The Green Dream – A different fantasy proposal for our future ...
Year round dormitory facility w/industrial kitchen for housing athletes, coaches , staff, etc. during extended training and summer camps;

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, CO (SSCV) is fortunate to offer two academic opportunities: a ten-
month public school called Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA) and a five-month private tutorial called Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy-Winter Tutorial (VSSA-WT). VSSA was founded in the fall of 2007 as a partnership with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) and the Eagle County School District (ECSD), VSSA provides student athletes with a world-class winter sports program in a fully accredited and certified public school setting.

VSSA is a coeducational academy which for 2010-2011 is comprised of 45 students in grades 6-8 and 44 students in grades 9-12. The majority of our students are residents of Eagle County, CO; however, the academy also has housing for some non-Eagle County students. The campus is located 8 miles from the slopes and training facilities of Vail Ski Resort.

Related Information
      Before an athlete considers relocating to another community, away from their permanent home, it is wise to investigate the credentials of the skating coaches, the quality of the school district, the costs associated with trips home, and the daily expenses of residing and training, plus the expenses associated with traveling several times of year to compete.

     The following are examples found at Lake Placid, NY:




Summer ice fees at Lake Placid

Winter ice fees at Lake Placid

Lake Placid Housing at the Olympic Center offers housing for skaters ages ten and up at the National Sports Academy (NSA). Housing is supervised and all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as healthy snacks will be provided on-site. Each room has its own bathroom and laundry facilities as well as a common area are also available in the building. Rooms can accommodate 2-6 people. We will do our best to accommodate roommates, but cannot guarantee first choice of roommates. The arena is approximately a five minute walk from NSA. The cost per week is $440 (Sunday drop-off, Saturday pick-uo). To stay over Saturday night, there is an additional $75 fee. Weeks cannot be pro-rated. To make arrangements to stay at the National Sports Academy, please contact

Educational Opportunities
Lake Placid and the surrounding area offers a variety of educational institutions:

Lake Placid Central School District
Grades K-12
Dr. Ernest Stretton, Superintendent
23 Cummins Road
Lake Placid, NY 12946
(518) 523-2475

National Sports Academy
Grades 8-12, Post Graduate
David Wenn, Head of School
12 Lake Placid Club Drive
Lake Placid, NY 12946
(518) 523-3460

North Country Community College
23 Santanoni Avenue
PO Box 89
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
(518) 891-2915; (888) 879-6222

Northwood School
Grades 9-12, Post Graduate
Edward Good, Headmaster
PO Box 1070
Lake Placid, NY 12946
(518) 523-3357

The Ultimate Ice Skating Facility

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Orange County High School of the Arts
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Athlete Dormitory Facilities
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