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Aspiring to Achieve

Aspiring to achieve occurs when an individual applies their energy to being their very best
      Many individuals dream of achieving great things. Unfortunately fulfilling their dream may unrealistically require more than they can deliver considering the high physical, mental, and emotional criteria considered necessary spanning a period of a decade or more.

      Making an effort should be considered an accomplishment. Trying tests a person's potential. It is possible not to every challenge yourself. Some individuals are afraid that not achieving their objectives will be viewed by others as a failure.

      Not everyone can develop the skills necessary to be an elite athlete that attempts to qualify for the their sport's national championships and place in the top three and be recognized as one of the best in their sport to  represent the USA at international, world, and Olympic competitions. 

      The USA Olympic Committee has conducted a survey in which they have determined, on average, an athlete in any sport will spend 10,000 hours over a ten year period to reach the skill levels required to qualify for selection to compete internationally.

      It is extremely difficult to expend the amount time to become an elite athlete and be in the top 1% of your college graduation. To be the best in your academic field as just a difficult as it is to be an internationally ranked athlete.

Attending college full time and participating in sports and recreational activities
      Lets face it, the cost of attending college is constantly increasing so a small fortune is now required to earn a basic BS or BA degree. Post graduate studies adds to this expense that frequently results in a huge debt for the college graduate.

      The expense of training full time to obtain or maintain an elite level necesssary for national, inter- national, and Olympic championships has also risen while the time and energy required now amounts to a full time job to get into peak condition and travel to compete.

Balancing Participation in Sports and Recreational Activities with Academic Pursuits
      There are many college students who still want to participate in sports and recreational activities while attending college. They indicate that the physical participation is a welcomed relief from the rigors of studying and they have no interest in the drinking and drugs that some students mistakenly feel is synonymous with having a social life.

      There is one major difference, generally the student who participates in a rigorous pursuit of their academic credential does not want to carry over the same intensity when participating in college sports and recreational activities. Their goal is not bring the stress of studying into activities that should be all about having fun and making friends.

There are Alternatives to Traditional Competitive Sports
Individuals who have previously participated in sports while in high school genuinely enjoy the physical nature of sports as a diversion from the intensity of competing for grades in their academic life.

       Fortunately the "killer instinct" is not present in most individuals in every facet of their life. Frankly it is not pleasant being around someone who must always win or must always be right. Winners should not be arrogant if they win and poor losers when they don't.

High School Team Skating Competitions

High School Skating Programs

2011 Denver Invitational
Feb. 4, 2011 ... One step or spiral sequence (see Rule 3660 for description). .... Subsequent changes will not affect eligibility. Sanctioned by USFS and hosted by Denver Figure Skating Club at the South Suburban Ice Arena, Denver, CO.

Collegiate Team Skating Programs

PDF 2010-2011 Intercollegiate Figure Skating Competitions
synchronized team skating events, which follow the eligibility rules as set forth in the 2011. U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook, per rule 3056.

College Club and Varsity Skating

Team Ice Sports

College and University Synchronized Skating Programs



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Team Ice Sports
Collaborative Team Teaching/Coaching
Building Team Cohesion
Interscholastic Athlete Events
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