Artistry in Motion Curriculum

The goal of this workshop is to provide skaters with the confidence to internalize the ability to express the various moods that composers attempt to express in their musical scores.

   It is not the intention of the workshop to promote mechanical head, arm, hand, leg, and body positions. It is our goal to provide a supportive and positive environment to encourage skaters to enter -

➢    Artistic events
➢    Interpretive events
➢    Spotlight/showcase events
➢    Theater of Ice events

   There are basic ballet, modern dance, jazz, and ballroom dance interpretations of musical tempos and themes. Exposure to these concepts helps to stimulate the creative "comfort zone" of skaters and provides a means of differentiation for judges to award presentation marks in competitions to complement a skater's technical jumping and spinning abilities.

  The workshop is not designed to replace or substitute for a choreographer hired to consult with a skater's primary coach.

  The USFS Basic Skating Bridge Artistry in Motion Program was designed  and written by Paula Wagener.

Artistry in Motion Classes

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