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Artistic Performance Considerations

      All forms of ice skating have intense training schedule for all levels of athletes.  Figure skating is no exception. In seems that each year that younger skaters are being expected to have both technical elements and presentation skills if they are serious about placing in competitions.

      As skaters increase their skills they will be judged under the International Skating Union system of judging. This is the system used in all international, world, and Olympic figure skating events. Both the technical and artistic skills are evaluated. Points are awarded for things that are performed without error and deductions are taken for minor and serious errors such as cheated jumps, touch downs with a free leg and/or hands, and falls. A second mark is given for five different program components, including artistic interpretation and choreography.

Many individuals believe that some athletes are born with innate talents that
are the critical factors for exceptional sports performance. Scientific investigat-
ions have proven that acquired skills, knowledge, and physiological adaptations
are acquired in response to intense practice.  There are primary mechanisms
that are responsible for an athlete achieving the highest level of performance.

Elite performers in sports have engaged in specific training activities designed to improve their performance from an early age. By the time they are 20 they usually have accumulated over 10,000 hours of practice!

       It is the essential elements of their practice that allow them to achieve specific goals to improve performance. Training provides a path to successfully refine their skills through repetition, feedback and instruction. Although the content of practice tasks will necessarily differ from sport to sport, investigations have discovered invariant shared characteristics in:
  • Optimal duration of practice sessions,
  • Maximal amounts of daily practice,
  • Length of intense preparation (around 10 years),
  • Ages of peak performance.
       Elite athletes also have the ability to accomplish academic goals and develop abilities in science, mathematics, law, and liberal and performing arts.

       Optimizing performance in sports, art, music, math, etc. share the following challenges:
  • Intensive Practice - Practice is a key to success. However, what are the specific kinds of practice that can increase skill development faster than conventional instruction and training programs?
  • Ignition - Starting a fire under some individuals seems to be necessary if they are not self-motivated. What separates the truly high achievers from others is a passion to achieve and prioritize their life goals. Understanding how to tap into ways to ignite an individual's passion is the key to catalyzing inputs and achieving superior skill development.
  • Master Coaching - What secrets are shared by the most effective teachers, trainers, and coaches? What enables coaches and teachers to fuel passion, inspire intense training practices, and bring out the best in their students?
      The following articles discuss the various areas that deal with test and competitive performance issues.
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