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Arousal, Anxiety, and Stress
Factors Influence Performance

Definition of stress
- A stimulus resulting in arousal or a response to a specific situation.

     Many people confuse the terms of arousal, stress, and anxiety. For the purpose of Sport Psychology they need to be looked at as three different and distinct entities. Arousal can be defined as a general physiological and psychological activation of the person that varies on a continuum from deep sleep to intense excitement.  Refer to Stress and AnxietyAnxiety  and Managing Stress and Anxiety.

Stressors - This is the situation that causes the stressful response. For example, competition; frustration; injury; conflict

Stress response - This is the way in which we cope with stress. Seyle developed a model called the General Adaptation Syndrome to explain this:

Alarm Reaction - Fight or flight causing an adrenaline rush, rise in heart rate and increase in blood sugar level, ready for activity

Resistance - The body adapts to manage the stressful situation until it is overcome or passes

Exhaustion - The body can only cope with this state for a certain period (may be very short-term, or may be months or years, dependent on situation). If the stressful situation is not rectified the body begins to fail to cope

Stress Experience involves the physiological symptoms the athlete will also experience psychological symptoms. These include:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Decreased concentration
  • Worry
  • Decreased attention span
     This can then cause a vicious circle resulting in increased levels of stress, which is called the stress spiral.

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