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   Alternative Educational Programs

      The opportunity to recieve a public education is a right provided by law in America. Almost all USA  public schools are structured in a similar way. Our society goes to great expense to fund our public schools. Some individuals would prefer that the schools by operated differently and this article will discuss different a variety of school options such as:
  • Traditional Schools
    • Lecture based courses
    • Labortory based courses
  • Trade Schools
  • Technical Schools
  • Performing Arts
  • School/work Programs
    • Apprentice
    • Internships
  • Credit for Life Experiences
  • Credit by Examination
      Prior to formal educational systems, children acquired adult skills through their observation and imitation of adults which they practiced by their playing and exploration. Is it possible in today's society for a child to acquire adult skills without adult direction or prodding?

      To become a well rounded, law biding adult with the skills, knowledge, and training to become employable, there is a need for each child to gain a positive self image and a realistic concept of what they would enjoy doing to earn a living. Many parents have a narrow vision of what career their children should focus on in order to be a fulfilled, effective adult in their culture subset.

      Society has deemed it desirable that the school systems provide a rich setting within which to play, explore, and experience responsible for their actions or lack there of so that upon graduation, they should have basic communication skills, ethics and moral values, as well as essential employment skills.

The evolution of the American Education System.
      The educational system in the United States has seen many changes over the past 250 years.  In order to demonstrate to you how far we have come in education, we will embark on a trip which will take us across all barriers of time and space, race and wealth, age and gender.

Colonial Education
Early National Education
19th Century Education
20th Century Education

The History of Education
      With the gradual rise of more complex civilizations in the river valleys of Egypt and Babylonia, knowledge became too complicated to transmit directly from person to person and from generation to generation. To be able to function in complex societies, man needed some way of accumulating, recording, and preserving his cultural heritage. So with the rise of trade, government, and formal religion came the invention of writing,
Alternatives to Traditional Education
      Some children learn more effectively when allowed freedom to select their own pace, while others require more a more disciplined and highly structured setting, Some individuals are better suited to learning in an environment with a standardized curriculum while other prefer and thrive in an environment that supports and nurtures areas that include subjects that appeal to their personal interests.
  • Montessori type classrooms
      This is typified in the Montessori type classrooms that feature a hands-on experience through the use of materials designed to stimulate an individual's senses, motor skills, and promotes self-directed learning.

Warning: There are studies that found that some students may thrive in a Montessori
atmosphere where they show advanced social skills and creativity, and perform better
on standardized tests than their peers in traditional programs; however, other individuals
are lost in this environment and wander aimlessly without any purpose or direction.

  • Advanced Placement
      College Preparatory Programs emphasizes academic rigor in order to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend top boarding schools and universities. There is a strong focus on achievement, long school days, mandatory three-week summer school, and two to three hours of homework each night.
  • Athletes and Performing Artists
     Most athletes who have the raw talent necessary to achieve an elite level in a sport require intensive training sessions over a minimum of ten years according to the US Olympic Committee.

     Most ice skating sports such as figure skating require an indoor year round regulation ice surface on which to practice and compete. Junior and Senior High School, college or university athletic departments rarely recognize ice skating sports as official school activities and even fewer provide financial support to fund the expenses to operate such programs. There are rare exceptions of men's ice hockey and a few women's ice hockey programs in cold winter areas where ice hockey is very popular.
    For the most part ice skating sports are under the auspices of national and international sports federations. Generally the individuals provide their own funding for training and competing. A few countries do provide governmental support, but that is not the case in the United States

     Most ice rinks experience a period of week day down time that occurs after a figure skater leaves the rink to attend school in the morning (about 8:00 a.m.) until a different group of skaters finish school and come to the rink in the afternoon (starting about 2:30 p.m.).  This time slot doesn't attract many housewives, retired adults, or those who work the night shift. Some rinks can fill the time with pro or semi-pro hockey team practices.

     It is difficult to arrange a school schedule or a job's hours to take advantage of the relative empty daytime sessions. There are real benefits to the athlete who can skate at these almost empty sessions and provides an unexpected source of extra revenue for the rink. The less crowded daytime sessions allows the athlete to choreograph and run through their programs. Without the fear of someone getting in the way, the athlete is able to achieve the consistency that is only possible through increasing their cardiovascular levels and reducing their performance anxiety. 

     The possibility of inexperienced skaters, who can accidentally get in the way, can only be eliminated if there are enough skaters to divide the MITF and Free Skating sessions into equally balanced skill session to reduce the risk of a collision resulting in season ending injuries.
  • Elite/World Class Training Centers
     There are training centers that promote pair skating and ice dancing.  Ron Ludington, world, and Olympic coach, was able to run pair and dance training sessions from 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. from Sunday night through Friday morning at the Skating Club of Wilmington, DE.  His program attracted skating teams from around the country. After his initial success, he became the Director of the Ice Skating Science Development Center on the University of Delaware campus in Newark.

     The University of Delaware Sports Medicine Clinic provides a comprehensive health care facility near the Ice Skating Training Center that is available to eligible skaters. A professional health-care staff and licensed physician are on duty to meet the needs of our athletes.
Charter Schools -

Charter School General Information - Resources (CA Dept. of Ed    
     Sept. 20, 2010 ... What is a charter school and information on how to start a charter school.

California - Starting a Charter School
     Starting a charter school in California. Starting a charter school requires a considerable amount of planning time prior to opening the school doors.

US Charter Schools

The legal definition of a charter school
can vary according by state. Consult a specific state's charter school law using the US Charter Schools State Profiles area.

Distance Learning & Athlete Training
Electronic access to educational options of charter school programs allows flexibility to train at off peak daytime hours.  K12 Virtual Academy and Connections Academy  offer a variety of opportunities provided by accredited virtual schools for students.

      These examples provide students the ability to live at home and participate in an online public school or private tuition based school offered online.  These options did not exist prior to high speed Internet access.

    Students receive a quality, individualized, K–12 education through the use of the latest technology, a proven curriculum, and highly qualified teachers. Such programs are better suited to individuals who are very goal oriented.

     Students who required a very structured learning involvement may experience difficulty flustering in this self directed environment.
Public School Charter Schools -

Ice Skating Facilities List
Skating Facility         
Aliso Ice Palace
9 Journey
Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656
 (949) 643-9648

River Springs Charter School     
     A free, K-12 public charter school that offers a wide range of educational opportunities and programs to help your child achieve his or her highest potential, whether that be in a classroom, online, or at home.

Sky Mountain Charter School    
      The SMCS charter has been approved by the Lucerne Valley Unified School District in Lucerne Valley, California. Sky Mountain Charter School is an independent study charter school. 

      It is managed by Innovative Education Management, a nonprofit public benefit educat- ion corporation who has managed a number of public charter schools in California since 1993. SMCS serves California students who reside in a six county area including San Bernardino, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.

Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) is a 7th–12th grade public charter school located in downtown Santa Ana, Orange County, California. The school caters to middle and high school students with talents in the performing, visual, and literary arts.

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
A tuition-free, public high school with a full academic curriculum and specialized training in the music, dance, theatre and visual arts.
Note:  Some public and private school administrators allow an athlete to leave the school grounds to train by devising a schedule of core classes that works around the athletes daily training.  They also assist by providing the class work so the student may keep current when they are off to compete in regional, sectional, national, world, or Olympic championships.

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  • The Waldorf method of education  Developed by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century and is based on Steiner's philosophy that people deserve respect as the 'embodiment of their spiritual nature.' Waldorf Education takes a lesson from the Renaissance school of thought and emphasizes well-roundedness, developing genius and great exploration in the maturing student while focusing equally on the body, soul and spirit of the child.
  • Alternative Education, also known as non-traditional education or educational alternative, describes a number of approaches to teaching and learning other than traditional publicly- or privately-run schools. These approaches can be applied to all students of all ages, from infancy to adulthood, and all levels of education.
  • Can Serious Figure Skaters Train and Also Go to School?  A very controversial issue in figure skating is the issue of school. As figure skating training schedules increase, figure skaters find it very difficult to attend school and sometimes must decide to not attend a physical school at all. Should figure skaters consider home schooling, distance education, or virtual education?

The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

Prioritize an Athletes Education
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Home Schooling in California
Orange County High School of the Arts
Tutoring - Information Transfer
Athlete Dormitory Facilities
Nurturing A Figure Skater

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