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Alcohol Use in
Moderation & Addiction

Alcohol Abuse
        Alcohol is a legal drug, but there is a minimum age restriction, that vary from state to state, to purchase and consume all beverages containing alcohol. Open bottles are not permitted to be transported inside a vehicle.  The consuming public may have a different idea of if they are "under the influence", but the established blood level standard of 0.08 is the legal standard in all states.

        In 1919, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. It went into effect on January 16, 1920. Between 1920 and 1933 the federal law prohibited the manufacture, transportation, and sales of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Prohibition proved difficult to enforce and failed to have the intended effect of eliminating crime and other social problems - to the contrary, it led to a rise in organized crime, as the bootlegging of alcohol became an even more lucrative operation. In 1933, widespread public disillusionment led Congress to ratify the 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition.

        Even though alcohol consumption is legal in the USA and most other countries, there are laws limiting what age group can consume them and under what circumstances. It is advisable that young athletes are actively discouraged from starting to use them.

Drug tests Determine Amount of Blood Alcohol
        Drug testing should be a mandatory policy that is used in high school sports programs in preparation for the athletic drug testing that the International Olympic Committee and World Sporting Organizations have had in place for decades.

        The use of alcohol by athletes has no place in amateur and professional sporting events.  Parents and coaches of young athletes should lead by example and firmly support a "zero" policy for this type of conduct that must extend from the private life of the athletes and carry over into their public life.  They should deserve the respect of their fans by holding them selves to a high standard of personal behavior.

TV and print ads feature fans supporting their team by drinking the sponsor's beer.
        The consumption of beer at sporting events and parties whose theme is rooting for a sporting team is endemic and essential to the enjoyment of many male fans. In far too many cases the result is inebriated fans who pass out after first being freed from their inhibitions so they can make fools of themselves. Some wake up and can't remember the night before only to find someone has posted their escapades on YouTube. Unfortunately there are always a few who over indulgence resulting in a visit by the police and arrests for public drunkenness, displays of violence, and disorderly conduct. 

Celebrity Endorsements
        An athlete who desires to become a winner should be aware that the general public, will hold them up as an example representative of their sport and country. Athletes selected for the USFSA world or Olympic teams should understand they are perceived as ambassadors of the USA. People in other countries will form opinions about the USA based on the personal conduct and ethical choices they observe or see reported in the news about our athletes.

        A relatively small percentage of college athletes who participate in NCAA sports will become professional sports athletes. Those that do earn a living as an owner of a sports team, coach, or play as a professional athlete, understand that the public takes a dim view of negative images of athletes. Corporate sponsors do not want to be associated individuals who they pay for endorsing their product to become a controversial public figure.  A moral turpitude clause is usually part of all endorsement contracts.

Becoming an Alcoholic
A pattern of over indulgence is a sign that the person has become addicted to alcohol and needs to seek professional treatment to get the "devil" off their back. Once they are "dried out", it is a daily struggle to not relapse. Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-help organization that it is widely respected for its ability to help those who really want to help themselves stay sober.  It is never possible for an alcoholic to take just one drink and be able to quit! One drink will always open the flood gate and a relapse into binge drinking.


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