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Affirmation or Self-Talk
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        Affirmation or Self-Talk is very useful tool for athletes and should be more widely used by coaches, parents, and figure skaters. The following information deals with creating a positive learning, training, and performing environment.

     In a report for the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, sports psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis recalls his experiences as a high school soccer player evolved into his interest in the psychology of sport – the link between one's thoughts and performance.

     "We know the positive or negative attitude of the player(s) occurs in sports" and is frequently related to changes in emotion resulting from just one unexpected play" says Hatzigeorgiadis. How can a sports physiologist initiate a positive attitude or reverse a negative mood of players frequently experience in team sports such as hockey, football, volleyball, soccer, etc.

     Hatzigeorgiadis conducted a meta-analysis of 32 sport psychological studies with a total of 62 measured effects. The research confirmed that self-talk (affirmation) improves sporting performance. But researchers also found that different self-talk cues work differently in different situations.

    Self-talk focuses on positives statements. "I don't skate well if the ice is too hard and
    brittle, is replaced by, "I have trained under these conditions and I am prepared.
    Bring it on!"

     Positive affirmations were also found to have a greater effect on tasks involving fine motor skills. Nevertheless, both beginners and experienced athletes can benefit, especially when they practice the self-talk technique.

     The main goals behind techniques similar to self-talk and visualization is to "rehearse a performance or to meditate to improve focus and relaxation", says Hatzigeorgiadis.

     The objective is "To enhance your potential and to perform during competition in terms of your ability and not less", he said.

     Players who are physically more gifted athletes than their competitors may express their frustration that they are beaten by players who they feel are not equal to them physically.

     Often in these cases an athlete's state of mind or beliefs limits their ability to surpass the competition. An athlete's beliefs start to limit their performance when he or she starts thinking negatively in training or practice sessions:
  • “I will never be as good as he or she is.”

  • “I could never jump as high as he or she does.”

  • “I don't have the speed or quickness as he or she does.”

  • "Why I am always making mistakes in the game."

     Instead of having negative thoughts an athlete needs to use positive affirmations to improve their performance.

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