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Adult Workshop Curriculum

      Adult workshops provides beginners with an introduction to the edges and turns associated with recreational skating and form the basis to perform elements in adult tests and competitions.

      No previous experience in skating is necessary. The Adult Bridge Curriculum is designed as an introduction to group skating instruction for adults who have no or limited skating experience as a child.

       Skaters will be divided by skill groups to accommodate skaters who have some previous experience.

       The concept is to build on a skater's basic ability to perform edges and turns by adding the concept of skating to different musical tempos.

       The curriculum listed is designed to help introduce the basic skating principles that introduces the disciplines of ice dancing and free skating.

       Depending of the skill of some groups, skaters may only work on one principle for the entire allotted time during the session.

       Skaters will also be able to participate in off ice instruction to maximize the value of their on-ice time.

Adult 1
  • Falling and recovery
  • Forward strides and glides
  • Forward swizzles, 4-6 in a row
  • Backward skating
  • Backward swizzles, 4-6 in a row
  • Forward one foot glides, one time for the skater's height, right and left
  • Two foot turns in place
  • Snowplow stops, right or left
  • Forward Curves on two feet
  • Forward 1/2 swizzle pumps on a circle, clockwise and counter clockwise
Adult 2
  • Forward Stroking
  • Backward 1/2 swizzle pumps on a circle, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Moving two foot turns on a curve, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Forward edges on a circle, outside and inside, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Forward crossovers, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Backward one foot glide, right or left
  • Forward pivot, one direction only
  • Forward chasses on a circle, both directions
Adult 3
  • Backward edges on a circle, outside and inside, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Backward crossovers, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Inside Mohawk, right to left or left to right
  • Basic forward outside and forward inside edges, 4-6 consecutive
  • Forward progressives, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Beginning two foot spin
  • Backward snowplow stop, right or left
Adult 4
  • Forward three turns, outside and inside, right and left foot
  • Perimeter stroking with crossover end patterns
  • Forward Outside to Inside Change of Edge Sequence
  • Alternate backward crossovers with two foot transition
  • Footwork sequence: 3-5 forward crossovers to an inside Mohawk, 3-5 backward crossovers, step forward inside the circle and repeat
  • Power three turns, one direction only
  • Backward chasses on a circle, clockwise and counter clockwise

Learn to Skate Program
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