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       Adults are an under utilized market for ice skating facilities and recreation centers.  Which comes first, the market demand or scheduled ice sessions at times that will attract specific types of clientele?

       A new facility may not have the advantage of an existing, thriving organized group of people who are promoting different types of ice activities. Lacking such an existing supporting organization can be overcome if management actively becomes involved in developing a market demand by being helpful in establishing supporting associations, leagues, and/or clubs that will promote and host various adult activities such as:
       An excellent way to develop interest in these activities is to offer an adult group class program prior to evening public sessions and allow the group class skaters to stay over to practice on the public session. This helps the skaters to reinforce what they learned in class and also helps to stimulate interest public skaters enrolling in the adult group class program.

Note: Participation in curling, hockey, and speed skating group classes should occur prior
to anyone starting in organized practice sessions that cater to beginners in curling, hockey,
or speed skating.

       Many recreational centers offer classes in ballroom, round, and square dancing plus organized dance weekly parties. Other adult activities may include hand ball, squash, badminton, volleyball, jazzercise, pilates, weight lifting, swimming, basketball, karate, and other marshal arts.


Learn to Skate Program
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Adult Recreation & Competitive Activities
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